Some think Falcons, Julio Jones already have a deal in place

Getty Images

Falcons receiver Julio Jones showed up for training camp without a new contract. Unless he didn’t.

He definitely showed up. The question is whether he already has a new contract, one that can’t be finalized until at least the one-year anniversary of the revised deal from last July 26, a contract that moved money from 2019 to 2018 and converted some of his 2018 salary into a signing bonus.

A league source with knowledge of the rules and regulations provided a quick summary of the situation. It involves convoluted rules that take into account various circumstances, including the fact that 2020 currently is scheduled to be another uncapped year. There’s a chance (slim) that we’ll figure out the details in a way that can effectively and efficiently be explained.

For now, the message is this: Some inside the league think Jones and the Falcons already have a wink-nod deal in place, one that will be officially signed and sealed after July 26 comes and goes.