Chad Beebe spent the offseason working with his dad’s old JUGS machine

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As an undrafted rookie out of Northern Illinois last year, Chad Beebe made the Vikings’ roster and made four catches in three games. This year, Beebe wants more than just a roster spot. He wants to be an impact player.

Toward that end, Beebe is putting in hard work this offseason — with some help from his dad, former NFL wide receiver Don Beebe.

As an NFL rookie himself in 1989, Don Beebe wanted to invest in himself, so he spent $2,200 on a JUGS machine, which allowed him to practice catching passes even when he didn’t have a quarterback to throw to him. The Beebe family still has that same machine, and Chad has been working with it this offseason.

It’s got duct tape on it and its screws have been replaced and it’s been through a lot, but it’s still hanging in there,” Don Beebe told Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “Chad is wearing out that JUGS machine. That’s what he does for a living. He’s catching hundreds and hundreds of balls out of a JUGS machine, and that’s why I think he’s got very good ball skills.”

Vikings assistant head coach Gary Kubiak praised Chad Beebe this offseason, saying he had done as good a job as anyone on the roster and indicating that he has a chance to earn the No. 3 receiver job behind Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen. Part of that strong offseason was working on his hands, which entailed standing directly in front of the JUGS machine and catching balls firing at him at 65mph.

Beebe has also been working on fielding punts from the JUGS machine, and he’s hoping to earn the punt-return job as well. Chad has a long way to go before he’s as good an NFL receiver as his dad was, but he’s willing to put in the work.

14 responses to “Chad Beebe spent the offseason working with his dad’s old JUGS machine

  1. The Bills should’ve offered him an opportunity to make the roster….

  2. Good to hear he’s working at it. AND hear from someone other than himself. I bet he doesn’t feel disrespected in the least. Family’s Jugs left a lot to interpretation though. Glad to hear it a machine.

  3. i said this kid was their 3rd WR since he played in the broncos preseason game last year. Zylstra was #4. i’ll never understand why they insisted on putting treadwell in at #3. it cost this team 2 wins. will the vikings make the same mistake this year? it sounds like they are ready to cut treadwell unless he makes a huge statement in camp, which is highly unlikely. it’s more likely the late round draft picks from oregon and colorado state will beat treadwell out for a spot.

  4. He’s the kind of guy who you feel confident is going to catch the ball when you throw it to him, and he might pick up a little yardage after the catch because he isn’t going to get much attention from the defense. Definitely an upgrade over Treadwell.

  5. cajunaise says:
    July 23, 2019 at 12:57 pm
    Bucs / Dolphins might want to look into offering that machine a QB contract…

    Maybe David “Football” Gettleman should have drafted that JUGS machine with the 6th overall pick for the Giants. I heard it has a higher Madden rating than Daniel Jones.

  6. “It’s got duct tape on it and its screws have been replaced and it’s been through a lot, but it’s still hanging in there.”

    Sounds a lot like Eli Manning.

  7. I’m really rooting for this kid. High-quality character, runs routes very well & has an outstanding mentor who just happens to be his old man.
    As far as Treadwell goes, either find another position for him other than WR, or release him. The only reason he was on the team this long is because of his 1st round draft rookie contract which had guaranteed money. They can cut him this year with a 2.5 mil dead cap hit.

  8. It’s going to be difficult for Beebe to get used to catching the ball from a non-stationary target. Oh wait, Kirk Cousins, nevermind….

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