Mark Sanchez retires from NFL, takes ESPN job

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Mark Sanchez may not have had any offers to play in the NFL this year, but he’s apparently decided that if he does get an offer, he’ll turn it down.

Sanchez has agreed to work for ESPN, where he’ll be in the ABC college football studio, the New York Post reports.

The fifth overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft, Sanchez got his career off to a promising start, playing in the AFC Championship Game in each of his first two seasons. But he never progressed after that, and soon he was better known for his infamous “Butt Fumble” than for his playoff appearances. After leaving the Jets, Sanchez caught on with the Eagles, where he started 10 games in two years, and then had brief stints with the Cowboys and Bears. Last year he played in Washington and was terrible in limited action, averaging 3.9 yards a pass while throwing three interceptions and no touchdowns.

Sanchez had a good college career at USC and will now turn his attention back to college football.

28 responses to “Mark Sanchez retires from NFL, takes ESPN job

  1. He seemed like he was going to be a big deal after those 2 AFC title games. Maybe the pressure got to him, or maybe he wasn’t as good as they thought he was.
    Either way, he is a class guy and I’m glad he found a good gig.

  2. Congrats on his new career. If i know Mark Sanchez, he’ll dive in face first like a champ.

  3. I am serious. I thought he retired and did TV a few years ago.

    You’re thinking of David Palmer, who is more or less interchangeable with Sanchez in every sense.

  4. Oops…that should’ve said David Pollack. Confused him with Jesse Palmer. All the same guy, really.

  5. Man, him and Rex have had the same career trajectory, they were on the brink of greatness and fell hard, now out of the league doing TV.

  6. Well, he had quite a career. 10 years of jokes and he gets a TV deal because people know who he is. Even if it’s not for great reasons. You can’t say he hasn’t made the most of it.

  7. was never the same after rex inexplicably left him in the 4th quarter of a preseason game behind a practice squad offensive line & then he blew his rotater cuff out.

  8. Love him or hate him, Mark Sanchez is one of the few QB’s to win a playoff game at New England in the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady era. The only other one that I can this of is Joe Flacco who did it twice.

  9. Mark Sanchez was never ruined, or never turned. He was always bad. The Jets in 09 and 10 were stacked — the best OL in the league fueled by young Mangold and Brick, Faneca and Woody. That helped the running game, which was powered by 1500 yd grinder Thomas Jones and complemented by Leon Washington, a constant home run threat. Throw in Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes, and the Jets didn’t need Sanchez to be anything more than a game manager. On Defense there was Revis, with Kris Jenkins in the middle, plus Rex’s defenses took the league by storm as a new HC.

    The team went into win-now mode, got expensive and old, and offenses figured out how to pick up Rex’s blitz packages. Once that happened, Sanchez was exposed for what he was: a game manager who could only succeed on a loaded team.

    Good luck Mark, I hope your new career helps wash off the stink of the butt fumble.

  10. Wait, he was still playing as of last year?
    As a loyal fan of the Washington Redskins, who watched all of their games last season, the resounding answer to your question is NO.

  11. Pete Carroll said way back when Sanchez came out that the wasn’t ready. Sanchez was ticked off about the comment.

    Pete was right then, he is still right now.

  12. After the AFC Divisional in Jan 2011 Marky Mark was 3-2 v. Brady. Never beat him again. MOst don’t realize how good that offensive line was. They made Shonn Greene look like he was going to Canton.

  13. the Jets had a great defence those two years and Rex being a defense coach couldn’t help him progress in the pros. A shame, really.

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