Mason Foster’s agent unhappy with timing of linebacker’s release

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Mason Foster‘s agent is unhappy with the timing of the linebacker’s release after Washington cut the linebacker Tuesday.

Agent Blake Baratz has a point.

The team had weeks to cut Foster. Yet, it waited until the 11th hour before training camp begins to say good-bye.

Baratz tweeted his displeasure, needing two tweets to finish his thought.

“If you ever want to doubt that there is zero good faith in the NFL business, look no further then the Redskins cutting Mason Foster today, the day he was heading to report for camp,” Baratz wrote. “Nine-year veteran, captain of the defense, played 99% of the snaps last season and cannot even get a straight answer as to why. Keep in mind the team has been off for five weeks, and he was the starting MLB the entire offseason. I operate in good faith [and] as a human being and as a business, I expect more from the NFL and certain organizations in particular. We can be better.”

Now, Foster is left looking for a job with teams already in camp or headed to camp.

Foster, 30, started all 16 games for Washington last season and made 131 tackles, four pass breaukps and two interceptions.

28 responses to “Mason Foster’s agent unhappy with timing of linebacker’s release

  1. Not a cool move by the Redskins. I’ve heard Blake Baratz on the radio numerous times and he’s a class act (who knew agents could have class?). I can’t imagine why they would cut a starter on the eve of training camp unless there’s something behind the scenes we don’t know about.

  2. I sincerely believe they timed it like this as retribution for him blasting the organization late last season. They probably decided then but waited til now so they could stick it to him.

  3. If there’s a karmic god, he’ll stay within the division and get to go against the Redskins this season & beyond.

  4. Bruce Allen is not known for his empathy or caring attitude. See Scott McGloughan.

    I’d give more examples of how poorly they’ve treated their employees, but I need to go the restroom and take a Snyder.

  5. Even if he did punch his ticket out of town with his comments, it still does the organization no good to be vindictive like this. It’s just another one of the reasons why no one voluntarily comes here without being overpaid or out of options.

  6. Since the gutless twit offspring of George Allen has taken over things as GM, this team has sunk to new lows of unethical and unprofessional conduct. The signings of human debris who play dirty has now reached epic proportions; why should Foster’s agent expect this team to conduct themselves with high regard for decent players who are decent men? This team only cares about pathetic excuses of men and they’ve become the Junk Team of the NFL. Foster should be happy he is out of there!

  7. Now does everyone understand that football is a business and that players should look out for themselves instead of worrying about being loyal to an organization. Please tell me where that loyalty gets you. I’ve yet to understand.

  8. Just another reason players don’t see the WFT as a priority destination to play ball for. Second rate team that’s CFL worthy!

  9. Classic move by organization that decided it was really good idea to sign Ruben Foster. That tells you all you need to know

  10. But if his agent had a player unhappy with their contract and they are preparing to hold out it would be ok to do this at this time right?

  11. Ridiculous. This is a CAP savings situation brought on by Trent Williams. They are planning on adding that 2 million in on the new Trent Williams contract in order to get him in to camp. Trust me.

    Plus they did Foster a favor because within 2 weeks he will be on another team due to injuries in camps. I think some of you are always just looking for negatives. Try being more positive.

  12. Birds should look at him. This is a money saver to get williams and scherff more dough.

  13. youngnoize says:
    July 23, 2019 at 4:17 pm
    Do fans ever think about how they would respond if some random person came to their job everyday and critiqued their performance
    I would welcome it so it would make me a better employee. Maybe they would offer a different perspective to make myself and the company better.

  14. Lol so obviously not a whole lot of people in this comment section watched the Redskins. Foster was terrible. One of the worst linebackers in the league who couldn’t cover anybody. Mid 2000s he might’ve been effective but not in today’s league. Not to mention he trashed the fans and organization on social media and then conveniently blamed his cousin.

  15. I have no problem with them letting Foster go, but the timing is another example of the lack of class in the Washington front office.

  16. cajunaise says:
    July 23, 2019 at 3:43 pm
    If there’s a karmic god, he’ll stay within the division and get to go against the Redskins this season & beyond.


    It would be a blessing to have such an awful coverage man in the division. This guy isn’t Bobby Wagner or Luke Kuechly man lol

  17. There are a bunch of teams with the room to sign Foster and a lot more teams that could make the room for the right contract. Agent needs to do his job.

  18. It’s funny how the Redskins are the only NFL that released players this week or ever. So shameful, right? Foster is slow and non-instinctive. Funny how he is now perceived as a great player. He should have been cut BEFORE last season. Plus, he should be thankful that the Skins picked him and kept him for this long.

  19. So, partly, this is the business of the NFL. I agree that it’s a bit shady to do this so late in the cycle, but it happens. It could have also been due, in part, as a last ditch effort to free up money to appease Trent Williams with his holdout situation.

    But I think it’s pretty clear here what happened – Snyder is a petulant baby. Foster had some harsh words spoken in frustration last year about both the organization and the fan base. Snyder stewed on it and wanted to stick it to him. So he held onto Foster as long as possible, making it much more difficult for him to transition to another team.

  20. No one:
    Sports Media: Surprising cut by the Redskins!!!!

    No one is surprised! He is terrible and a liability on the field. He was over paid and on top of it all, it bashed the Redskins organization TWICE and even the fan base. I bet he doesn’t get signed for weeks until someone is desperate due to an injury. No one wants an aging, overpaid, below average MLB, that has a history of biting the hand that feeds him.

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