Vikings’ Holton Hill gets his second four-game suspension of the year

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For the second time this year, Vikings cornerback Holton Hill has been suspended four games by the NFL.

Hill was previously suspended four games for violating the NFL policy on performance-enhancing substances, and today multiple reports say Hill has been suspended an additional four games for violating the NFL policy on substances of abuse.

That means Hill will be suspended for the first eight games of the regular season. He is still eligible to participate in training camp and the preseason.

Hill showed a lot of promise in his college career at Texas, but he was also suspended for a violation of team rules before deciding to leave early for the NFL draft, and questions about his off-field activities resulted in him going undrafted last year. Hill appeared in all 16 games as a rookie and was better than expected for an undrafted free agent, but now he’s going to miss half the season and will have to prove that he can be trusted to stay out of trouble.

34 responses to “Vikings’ Holton Hill gets his second four-game suspension of the year

  1. That’s how you get talented players as UDFAs. He would have been a third-round pick if he hadn’t had off-field trouble in college. Worth a look but not a draft pick. Sometimes these guys work out, sometimes they don’t. They’ll get a roster exemption for him through Week 8 so they have a while before they have to determine what they’ll do with him when he’s able to come back. I don’t think they’ll cut him like they did Thomas, at least not right away.

  2. Idiot, cut him loose. Fans don’t need another NFL player that can’t take care of himself. Dumber than a box of rocks

  3. Has talent, but getting caught twice is stupid, and Vikings don’t tolerate stupid. He gets cut. Might end up in Green Bay where stupid is welcome, like hiring a coach that won’t let his QB audible.

  4. unreal. the NFL has taken a stance that choking pregnant women and breaking toddler’s limbs is a perfectly acceptable personal conduct.

    but if you smoke a joint…may god have mercy on your soul.

  5. this will work out for the vikings rather well. by week 8, rhodes is usually banged up and may miss time. hill can come in for relief and he’ll be healthy. they’ll also get a strong look at Boyd who will actually make the roster now.

    More proof that you never trade cornerbacks that are productive. glad they held onto Waynes. I really hope they can hang onto Waynes or Alexander next year. You can’t lose both those guys. cut reiff and griffen at season end and there is your cap space to sign one of them.

  6. Hey, the rules are the rules, even if half the US States have legalized pot use. This is exhibit number one for why the guy was undrafted. Wonder if he was hanging out with Roc Thomas?

  7. Stupid is as stupid does. He already had one violation, PED‘s, so he had to have known he would be randomly selected more often to be tested for everything. I just don’t get some people’s thought process.

  8. When all is said and done to training camp cuts from other teams, there will be some good cb’s out there. This guy has just played his last snap as a Minnesota Viking.

  9. The Vikings need to help this guy. Hill is either is cheating or too stupid to know what he is taking that he shouldn’t be taking. Very disappointing. Skol

  10. packerssuckcheese says:
    July 23, 2019 at 5:45 pm

    When all is said and done to training camp cuts from other teams, there will be some good cb’s out there. This guy has just played his last snap as a Minnesota Viking.

    I don’t think so. Not many teams are so deep at cornerback that they can cut a good one.

  11. Roc Thomas was replaceable, especially since the cops found him with ALOT of weed & cash (dealer).
    With Holton Hill, they may hold onto him cuz he’s pretty good, & he’ll be back halfway through the season fresh to give relief to some of the banged up CB’s.

  12. I can not imagine doing something that would cost me 50% of my yearly salary.

  13. Imagine that, a handful of Heidis supporting a known cheater. Well, I guess it’s better than supporting a child abuser.

  14. Hill was with Roc Thomas when he was arrested. Not a surprise they cut Thomas to get him away from Hill who has more potential.

  15. I’m fuzzy on what “world-class” means today. It used to be a mark of success that organizations would aspire to reach. Are guys like Holton Hill the type of personnel that “world-class” organizations look for? And when you have great talent, great facilities, and a great front office, shouldn’t the coach maximize that instead of minimize it? It’s hard to believe that some consider Zimmer to be great after last year’s underachieving disaster and the fact that he has one playoff win and only 2 playoff appearances in 5 years. But I guess “world-class” means “good some of the time while mostly underachieving.”

  16. We like to blame the NFL when we see a player get suspended for drug use. We should all remember that these rules are a part of a Collectively Bargained Agreement. Meaning, the Players voted to approve/accept a Labor Agreement that allows for these suspensions. If my employer and I agree to a contract that says I can’t drink milk, guess what??? I won’t be drinking milk

  17. Dunno whats more funny two Hill’s two suspensions within a few months or the fact that Packers fans are all giddy over it. Enough with the Freudenschade! The kid def has potential but what are you willing to risk to keep him? Some athletes need to learn that when you get in professional sports some of your seedy friends and some of the recreational things you once did are no longer socially acceptable. Its called growing up and adulting.

  18. Some guys just can’t overcome their demons or get their priorities straight. They cut Rock Thomas, I’d expect them to cut Hill as well, just too much of a distraction and bad influence especially with Boyd on the team.

  19. This kid just started making tons of money for the first time in his life.

    With that comes ups and downs.

    The low is playing for the Vikings in this case. Can you blame him for wanting to experience some highs?

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