Bengals looking out for offensive line help

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Training camps are opening around the league, preseason games will be underway soon and some players around the league will be doing more than just make their team over the coming weeks.

They’ll also be putting work on tape that could catch the eye of other teams as they work to make up their own roster for the 2019 season. For the Bengals, that will mean keeping tabs on what offensive linemen may be available around the league.

Cincinnati lost first-round left tackle Jonah Williams for the year to a torn labrum and veteran guard Clint Boling has retired, which means the team has less depth than they’d like at the moment. Offensive coordinator Brian Callahan said he’s “sure we’ll be looking to add somebody at some point” and director of player personnel Duke Tobin agreed while adding that some of the current linemen will also have to show their versatility.

“We’ll have to find some. Some of the guys have to be able to play multiple positions,” Tobin said, via the team’s website. “While they’re having to compete outside, they’ll also have to compete inside. We’re going to have to look and see. As we go through the cut-down process and look at the teams and have discussions, we’ll see what if anything we can add to the group and if we add nothing, somebody in that group has to bubble up.”

Veterans report to camp on Friday and work on shaping the offensive line will likely continue into early September.

8 responses to “Bengals looking out for offensive line help

  1. Bengals fan here. Obviously. Anyway, let me correct this title:

    Bengals looking for cheap* offensive line help.


  2. Mikey Brown didn’t think about that when he was letting Whitworth and Zeitler walk away because he is a penny pincher. Why pay a Pro-Bowler $10M+ when you can replace him with someone making the league minimum. Wins don’t matter to Mikey Brown. All he cares about is money. If it were up to him his entire team would be making the league minimum so he could pocket the rest. Why should he care? He has the county over a barrel with the stadium deal and he gets the revenue money from the NFL. He doesn’t care about winning. He never has. He cares about money and as a result he always looks for the cheapest option around. He’s one of the worst owners in all of professional sports.

  3. The line was shaping up to be better than last year if Boling doesn’t retire and Jonah doesn’t get injured. Yes they will probably not be that great Bobby Hart is an obvious weakness. The rest is ok they need to give Trey Hopkins a chance at either guard position he did solid filling in last year for Price. Would also like Westerman to get a chance at RG.

  4. They should have focused on depth at tackle before this point. They could have taken a tackle in the second round of the draft but chose to take a Tight End instead. They drafted more running backs than tackles this year even though RB is a strength.

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