Bengals unbothered by low expectations outside locker room

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It’s hard to find anyone outside Cincinnati picking the Bengals to finish anywhere outside the basement of the AFC North. The Bengals placed 29th in PFT’s pre-camp power rankings.

The Bengals, though, don’t care what anyone outside the locker room thinks.

“I really don’t pay much attention to it, because I know the work that needs to go into it to be successful,” new Bengals coach Zac Taylor said, via Tyler Dragon of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “We just measure ourselves against ourselves right now. What we are working on is making sure we set high standards for our coaching staff, our players and that we compete to that level every day and that doesn’t fall off.

“We know that if we do that and take care of those little things than we’ll have the success that we expect. It doesn’t matter what the media thinks about us. That all changes Week One when you put on the pads. The first game that stuff goes right out the window. We have our own tunnel vision to make ourselves as best as we can be.”

Other than hiring Taylor, the Bengals had a relatively quiet offseason. Their signings of John Miller, John Jerry and B.W. Webb in free agency didn’t exactly make headlines.

Taylor inherits a team that was 19-28-1 over the past three seasons, with two third-place finishes in the division and a move into the cellar last season. The Bengals have not made the playoffs since 2015 and have not won a playoff game since 1990.

“I’m aware of how we have done,” Bengals owner Mike Brown said, via Dragon. “I wish we had done better, and I look forward to the opportunity to try to do better. That’s what we’ve been about this whole offseason. It’s been a lot this offseason. We added a new coaching staff, and that’s a big turnover. These are different people; they have different ways for the players; they bring in a totally new system. There will be a lot of learning to do, a lot of catching up to do.”

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  1. I think they’re going to be in the NFLs middle between 6-10 and 9-7. 9-7 is going to be literally everything going perfect. They started 4-1 last season with a historically bad defense. Then everyone got injured and they fell way off. Not much has really changed besides now they’re going to have 2 new guards and a new coaching staff. This year is going to be about Zac Taylor finding his way as a coach and the next 2 seasons are going to be about what do you do with Andy

  2. I believe the Bengals were on path to be a surprise team this season but they lost their two best offensive linemen before training camp even started. Zac Taylor looks like a gem in my opinion.

  3. I don’t mean to annoy Bengals fans when I say this, but I’m not confident that the Bengals will manage more than four wins this year. There are too many changes that have happened and the defense has more questions than answers. That said, this year will be crucial for them as they begin their rebuild, and turn lose the aged vestiges of the Lewis era to become what looks to be a much more offensively focused team. I think Dalton should be better this year, as will the offense (unfortunately losing Jonah Williams hurts them a bit, but they have two tackles with starting experience to fall back on this year), but the defense will need a lot of help next year. I think Taylor will use this year to figure out the kinks in the offense, because of the most of the key players there figure to be around for another few years (Dalton and Green being the seniors there) and use next year to build his defense, if all goes well. In short, they’re not bothered because they have a plan, and they know this year will not be pretty, but getting it out of the way now will help them in the future. We’ll see how it turns out.

  4. The fact that everything is so new makes it impossible to predict how they’re going to do. You can’t say that it’ll be bad because of all the changes. You can’t say it’ll be great because of the changes. It can go either way. And as a fan I’m willing to give them a couple of years to work things out. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if they exceed the media’s yearly prediction of failure.

  5. It’s always comical to see what everyone has to say about all the “other” teams in the NFL. All these back seat football watchers think they know everything. Mike Brown sucks or whatever… This was a decent team last year until injuries. All you folks that are talking need to look back. Baltimore was not good. Pittsburgh was not good. Cleveland was okay. They are not world beaters and they changed the hell out of their coaching staff. Again… I guess we’ll all know what’s happening when we get to late October. But please keep all the insightful comments going on how everyone sucks. It’s so enlightening

  6. They were a pretty good team early last year then a crazy amount of injuries occurred. Several very good players are coming back from injury so I don’t see them as 29th. The OL and if Eiffert can stay healthy will be key will be key.
    I also like how it sounds like Taylor will take advantage of his RBs receiving talent. Previous coaches did not use them enough in that role. Those quick short passes kill a pass-rush and keep safeties from blitzing or double-teaming WRs.

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