Hue Jackson: It’s for Baker Mayfield to clear the air

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If former Browns coach Hue Jackson and current Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield are going to bury the hatchet, Baker Mayfield will be the one swinging it.

In a Tuesday night appearance with Zach Gelb of CBS Sports Radio, Jackson made it clear that, if there’s any problem between him and Mayfield (and there is), it’s for Mayfield — who’s still miffed about Jackson going to work for the Bengals after being fired by the Browns — to fix it.

“I think it would be for him to clear the air,” Jackson said. “I’ve been coaching in this league a long time and coached a lot of players, a lot of quarterbacks, receivers, running backs, offensive line. I’ve never had anybody say that about me or feel that way about me. So that’s different. So I’m pretty comfortable and confident in who I am and what I am and feel good about where I am and what I’ve done. So again if there was something I said or something I did I think he knows that I try to come from a good place. Nobody’s perfect, but there’s nothing that I know that I did to him that would have made him feel the way he did.”

Even if there’s unresolved tension between the two men (and there is), Jackson made it clear that he’s rooting for Baker.

“Absolutely,” Jackson said. “I’m one of the reasons why he came to Cleveland. I stood on the table for him. I still think he’s a tremendous football player. I have no problem with Baker Mayfield whatsoever. Again, there’s things you wish didn’t be portrayed the way it was. At the end of the day, he’s gotta do what he feels he needs to do to play at a high level.”

Jackson also defended the decision to make Tyrod Taylor the starting quarterback for Week One, arguing that Jackson told the players that Taylor was the starter and that Jackson couldn’t go back on that. Until, of course, he did.

“As I told Baker, at some point in time, it will show itself,” Jackson said of Mayfield eventually playing. “I didn’t know how it was gonna happen, but I knew he was gonna end up playing. It’s unfortunate that Tyrod got hurt, he became the starter. And people forget, if I didn’t want him to play, I could have put Tyrod back in there. So obviously I knew it was time for Baker to be the guy. I left him in there. So I really, you know, I don’t think people really [get] locker rooms and teams, especially a team that was coming off being 1-31.  You’ve gotta be able to keep their trust. So if I tell them something, I need to do exactly what I said I was gonna do, and then let it unfold that way. That’s the best way for your team.” 

The Browns eventually decided the best way for their team was to not have Jackson coach it. Some would say that the Browns waited too long to make that decision. Regardless, as the first training camp post-Jackson begins, Jackson keeps talking about the Browns — and some Browns keep talking about Jackson.

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  1. Regardless, as the first training camp post-Jackson begins, Jackson keeps talking about the Browns — and some Browns keep talking about Jackson.


    Only because the media wont let it die and keeps revisiting it. How much you wanna bet that if the media didnt bring up that topic and then run the others response over to the other, neither would keep talking about it… I know I’d bet a lot. Jackson and Mayfield do deserve a little blame tho because they keep taking the bait rather than just saying, that was then, I’m focused on now.

  2. Hue doesn’t have to answer to Baker acting like a fired coach (A FIRED COACH!) can’t work with who everyone knew was his best friend in the business after getting fired.

    Everyone will be pretty much sick of Bakers “act” by the end of this year.

    The guy believes his media hype. Celebrating a win against the Dalton/Greenless Bengals like it was a Superbowl win.

  3. This is where I lose people. I am with @Catch Rule up there. Who cares? I have had bosses and peers that I didn’t care for, and I just moved on. I don’t need to clear the air, I just moved on. I really think this nugget has just become a media darling. Still not much of a story.

  4. Not a Hue fan. But not a Mayfield fan either. The greats don’t talk they leave it on the field. He is a punk who is about to be find out winning games and going the playoffs isn’t going to happen this year. I don’t care who is on your team. They’ve traded football players for names. Good luck.

  5. Baker Mayfield is completely out of order and will humbled. He’s nothing, but acts like has.If ever there was a time to say it, it’s now: “shut up & play.”

  6. “I don’t think people really [get] locker rooms and teams, especially a team that was coming off being 1-31. You’ve gotta be able to keep their trust. ”

    The only thing anybody “trusted” with Hue was that the next game would be another L. Going winless ain’t easy and requires a special sort of coach. There are plenty of mediocre-to-bad teams who even the very worst teams have a realistic shot at beating any given week. Every year you’ll see teams that look absolutely awful and they somehow end the year with 3-4 wins. Hue bucked that trend and went 3-36-1 and they then went 5-3 after firing him–with the EXACT same players.

  7. Hue Jackson made the decision to start DeShone Kizer in 2017 and used him like he was Tom Brady rather than the raw, green rookie quarterback he was. Granted, the 2017 QB roster for the Browns was horrible but the manner is which Kizer was used was ridiculous. Jackson then had a totally different rookie quarterback in 2018 in Baker Mayfield. Anyone watching Mayfield could see he was as ready for the role of starting QB as Kizer was unprepared. But Jackson was so gun shy from the Kizer debacle he didn’t have the stones to pull the trigger and start Mayfield from game 1. And as far as standing on the table for Mayfield, this is the same guy that told us all “you have to trust me on this one” after drafting Cody Kessler. The bottom line here is 3-36-1 is a tough place to gain credibility for someone still touting his ability as an NFL head coach.

  8. Here’s the problem Hue…Baker only got in because Tyrod got hurt and it became painfully obvious to everyone he should have been starting all along.

    I think the kicker was Hue pulling the “congrats” on Hard Knocks about winning the back up job. What a slap in the face!

    Finally, Hue made enough money to sit out the rest of the year. He didn’t have to go to Cincy. He went there to try to beat the Browns with his “inside knowledge” of the organization, which completely backfired as it showed it had none.

    I’m not saying Baker is right, as I think Hue made himself look like a fool. It’s now time, however, for him to move on and get over it.

  9. Baker Mayfield needs to shut up and let his play do the talking.

    Rooting for the Browns to be good but this is ridiculous.

  10. Sir Baker of Mayfield, Master of all he surveys and conqueror of worlds. Grow up and let it go.

  11. Hue taking credit for the Baker pick is hindsight at its best. Actually come to think, Hue saying he wanted Wentz after CLE passed on him is even better. LOL!

  12. Not a Mayfield fan but it seems to me this is less about Hue helping the Bengals and more about Hue giving Mayfield the same kind of support in Cleveland that Jeff Fisher gave to Jared Goff in L.A.
    Neither coach could see the forest for the trees.

    I’d be pissed too…

  13. The only thing positive Hue did for the Browns was position us for high draft picks every year he was here! Sad to see Hue is still suffering from the delusions! BTW, still unemployed says it all…!!!

  14. Both “men” should go to their rooms! However, Hue is correct in that he is not without flaws which in his role are always on full display and scrutinized. That is a cold lesson Baker will learn the hard way. Cleveland media asks powder-puff questions for now. But when the proverbial the questions will get tougher. Bosworth 2.0!

  15. I’m not a big fan of Mayfield simply because he acts like a spoiled, immature child most of the time. I don’t think much of Hue either. It was pretty obvious Mayfield should have been playing instead of Taylor. That team was night and day with Mayfield on the field. The team was also night and day once they fired Clueless Hue. He may be a good assistant but as a head coach he’s a disaster.

  16. Correction.

    There is no problem between Hue and Baker. Baker is the only one with the problem and Hue is stuck having to be questioned about Bakers comments anytime anyone talks to him. Hue having kids close to Bakers age doesn’t really care as most grown adults wouldn’t if someone in their early 20’s who’s been in the workforce 5 minutes complains about them which is why he never directly responds to it. Hue has been upfront about his decision making in Cleveland including in this article that he made business decisions and not decisions based on the popular vote. When as many coaches have come threw a team as Cleveland has had the problem isn’t the coaching. I mean one of Clevelands ex coaches did go on to be on the list of winning the most Superbowls in NFL history right?

    Remember. The only difference between a player in the NFL being perceived as having a fiery attitude and a NFL player being perceived as a locker room cancer is the win-loss record the team has when the player plays. Just ask Odell Beckham how the star player who speaks his opinion is labeled once the team starts losing.

  17. Baker Mayfield said Hue Jackson was fake and him pretending he doesn’t know what Baker’s problem is is fake.

    When John Dorsey hired Freddie Kitchens both Dorsey and Mayfield said how Freddie is the same person day to day and thereby by inference said again what a phony Hue Jackson is.

  18. 1. Taylor has the Browns in a position to be 4-1(with that 1 loss being the mighty Patriots) if their kicker could make a kick during those weeks.

    2. Jackson didn’t go back on anything. Taylor got injured. That’s why Mayfield ended up playing.

    3. Mayfield is good, but a jerk and teams will plan for him the more video they get.

    4. Taylor was playing without his top receivers for most of those games last season. And he didn’t have nearly the same help Mayfield suddenly has with Beckham and Chubb. Landry was the top guy and I believe he was injured to start last season, as well as Chubb.

  19. “If former Browns coach Hue Jackson and current Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield are going to bury the hatchet, Baker Mayfield will be the one swinging it.”

    So, this implies that Jackson is digging the grave..?

  20. I suppose if the Browns eventually have to cut Mayfield, he wouldn’t go play for another team out of loyalty to the Browns? What a punk.

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