Kyle Juszczyk: No more BS, 49ers need to do this now

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There have been a variety of reasons why the 49ers have gone 10-22 over the last two seasons, but none of them are likely to elicit much sympathy for General Manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan if the team doesn’t take a big step forward in their third year with the team.

Linebacker Fred Warner told Tyler Dunne of Bleacher Report that “you have to win football games in this league or everyone’s going to lose their job” and he said that the sense of urgency for the 49ers to do that this year is at an “all-time high.” Warner isn’t the only player who feels that way.

“There’s a fire in peoples’ stomachs of, ‘No more bulls–t. We need to do this now,'” fullback Kyle Juszczyk said.

If the 49ers are going to post their first winning season since 2013, they’re almost certainly going to need Jimmy Garoppolo to go from giving glimpses of being a high-level quarterback to doing it for a full season. Warner believes Garoppolo “has everything to be one of the top quarterbacks” and plenty of others around the team have shared similar sentiments in the recent past.

The confidence level is high, but cornerback Richard Sherman notes that “you have to watch him do it” before they’ll know exactly what kind of player Garoppolo will be. The same could be said of a team that’s spent the last couple of years building their talent base without having anything to show for it in the standings.

15 responses to “Kyle Juszczyk: No more BS, 49ers need to do this now

  1. Fragile Jimmy………I suspect that he will last 11 games before he misses another one….

    Don’t think he will ever play a full 16

  2. Jimmy G. photo gets added to the list of overpaid QBs that have proven exactly zero in this league.

  3. OK somebody, anybody, a little help here please re: JimmyG and health. Far as I know, he suffered an AC sprain in 2016, then came the ACL in 2018. So what I need help getting my head around is why everyone rails on and on about his durability. Circumstances dictated that he did not and could not get a lot of starts. And when he did get his first opportunity as Niners starter, he committed a dumb blunder and got hurt. How does this spell “stamp him fragile” and lets move on??? Thanks.

  4. Just like it is a little early to label Jimmy G as elite it is also a little early to label him as Fragile also. JMO

  5. Scott Bennett says:
    July 24, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    Just like it is a little early to label Jimmy G as elite it is also a little early to label him as Fragile also. JMO
    He’s actually been fragile, so we can label him fragile.
    He’s never been elite, so we can’t label him elite.

  6. How so he has been in the league 5yrs. List his injuries! Tell US all how that is fragile. How many injuries have you had in the last 5 yrs just going to and fromm a regular job and weekends??

  7. One reason is that Kyle Shanahan is reluctant to change quarterbacks. He stuck with Brian Hoyer too long in his first season, and he stuck with CJ Beathard too long last season. Most of the wins came after the starting quarterback was replaced, and most of the wins came late in the season.

  8. Another reason is the bad defense, the secondary had only 2 intersections last season.

  9. I have confidence in Kyle Shanahan who has kept most games competitive despite having subpar talent. Even when he was starting third string quarterbacks.
    John Lynch, however, is another story. His ability to keep improving the roster with the needed above average talent has fallen short. Not that he’s been a total bum because he hasn’t but this team needs a good/great GM that doesn’t make many mistakes at the top of the draft. Making up ground in the NFC West is a tough gig but that’s the job and what he’s getting paid for. Earn your money Lynch!

  10. I agree with Juszczyk. Barring major injuries at the level of last year, if they don’t win 9 or more it will be BS.

    Time for results, not excuses.

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