Myles Jack feels Jaguars will “get it right” with Yannick Ngakoue

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Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack will report to training camp on Wednesday and says he’s been ready to get back to work since a disappointing 2018 season came to an end.

Jack said on Tuesday that the Jaguars “are going to shock a lot of people this year” and following through on that prediction will be likelier if Yannick Ngakoue is pressuring quarterbacks off the edge. As of now, however, Ngakoue is not expected to join Jack and the other Jaguars at training camp as talks about a new contract have come to a halt.

Ngakoue has Jack’s support on that front and the linebacker said he believes the Jaguars will get something done.

“You would love to come into a team where everybody is paid, everybody is happy and everything is good, but we’re kind [of] at that time where it’s up for Yannick,″ Jack said, via “His situation is dire. He’s a pass rusher, and he’s produced. He’s rightfully deserving, but I feel like the Jaguars will get it right. But I feel like once that ball gets snapped, everyone is going to be thinking football.”

There’s some time before that happens, which means there’s time for the Jaguars and Ngakoue to find a way to bridge their differences and prove Jack right before the season is underway.

4 responses to “Myles Jack feels Jaguars will “get it right” with Yannick Ngakoue

  1. People don’t understand how the salary cap works. The owners are only allowed to pay so much toward player salaries, then it’s up to the G.M. and the player agents to divide it up among the players. So the money doesn’t come from the owners. It comes from the other 52 teammates. Someone has to take less pay in order for one player to take more. That deal was negotiated by the NFL Players Association, and the league. It’s not even a bad deal. Most players, if they’re half smart, can invest the money they’re being paid and never have to work a day in their lives. Yes, it’s always good to fight for more and more and more, but at some point, these guys are working hard to try to win a title. You really shouldn’t put your own greed ahead of the team.

  2. They definitely understand how the salary cap works. People want the best players to get paid so they have a chance at winning. The logic is simplistic.

  3. So in a league where a team can cut you and that means no more money for you and your family and the player should be thinking about the team first!? This is a business! The owners look at it as a business and the players should as well!

  4. You would love to come into a team where everybody is paid, everybody is happy and everything is good

    It’s understandable Myles would feel that way about Ngakoue. He’s going to want to get paid too. The problem is you can’t pay everyone what they want. You can’t give Ngakoue a huge contract and give Ramsey a huge contract and Jack a huge contract and Fournette a huge contract. If you do that you’ll end up with four or five guys making 75% of the salary cap and the rest of the team making the league minimum. Then these guys with those huge contracts will complain about not winning. It’s counter-productive.

    The Jags only have ~$9M in cap space this year and they are already ~$15M over the cap for next year. That means Ngakoue will probably get paid but it also means say goodbye to Calais Campbell, Marcell Dareus, A.J. Boye and others. Will Jack complain that they couldn’t keep those guys too? The problem is when one guy is making as much as three other guys your team will suffer.

    The Jags are in a tough position with Ngakoue. It’ll be interesting to see what they do. Then next year they’ll be in the same situation with Ramsey, and presumably, Jack. I’m sure Fournette will want a new contract too but that should be an easy choice (get rid of him–can’t pay a RB what he’s going to want when he’s only on the field half the time).

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