Mike Tomlin doesn’t mind getting an extension of only one year


The Steelers have committed to coach Mike Tomlin through 2021. It amounts to a one-year extension. Usually, he gets a two-year extension. What does he think about that?

“Nothing,” Tomlin told reporters on Thursday. “I really don’t think a lot about it to be quite honest with you. I focus on the task at hand, and if you do that, contractual things take care of themselves.”

Tomlin also said that there’s a one-year option on the deal; it’s unclear whether the team’s option is for 2021 or for 2022. If it’s the former, he hasn’t really gotten an extension, after all.

He enters his 13th year as coach of the team, still only the third Steelers coach in 50 years. And while an extension provides a certain degree of financial security, a team that wants to make a change can do so, if that team is willing to pay the coach to not coach the team.

10 responses to “Mike Tomlin doesn’t mind getting an extension of only one year

  1. I think it’s time for a switch anyways. Ben has 1 more good season maybe 2 if he’s lucky. You have Mason Rudolph as the QB of the future w/great, young WR’s and then you add a young offensive mind combined w/a solid DC and the Steelers keep rolling.

  2. @Bengalguy…. The Steelers have won the division 6 times since Tomlin was hired. Bengals 3 and Ravens 3. Yup, I’m sure all of the teams in the division want him to stay around.

  3. People take cracks at Tomlin, and I understand, he’s made it kind of easy but the guy is a good football coach overall. The Steelers haven’t often been easy to write off during his tenure. If they let him go he’ll get hired by a contender looking to get over the hump pretty much immediately. I really don’t see him being out of a job for very long.

  4. A bengals fan trashing Tomlin. That’s the richest thing I’ve seen all day. The team that hasn’t won a playoff game in how many decades now?

  5. bengalguy says:
    July 25, 2019 at 8:46 pm
    The rest of the AFC North wish it was a Lifetime contract!

    Lol, says a Bengal fan that havent won a playoff game since let me stop lol.

  6. I’m not the biggest Tomlin fan in the world and I thought he was partly responsible for letting Brown get away with too much. The fact of the matter is that it was an out of control ego that Brown took to the field with him everyday. Still though it will always reflect on the coach and it should. For those that say anybody could have won a SB with the Cowher team that he had is very misinformed. It’s not easy to win a SB period. A SB win and an a appearance is what has kept him working. It’s not like a Marvin Lewis situation, who had absolutely no playoff win’s on the resume. The two are not comparable. The Steelers set it up right with the win or move on with a one year “severance package”.

  7. I respect what the Steelers organization has accomplished but not to make the playoffs the team they have should be enough to fire him. It’s ridiculous for Ben to only have 2 rings when he is twice as good as Brady.

  8. Tomlin should leave now. Steelers are going over a cliff and he doesn’t want to be a part of it. Better to be known as the coach whose team got bounced out of the playoffs by JuJu Smith-Fumble than the coach of the team who equaled the record of the 1969 Steelers.

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