NFL appeal to halt discovery in Saints-Rams lawsuit denied

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The NFL’s bid to get an appeals court to strike down a decision allowing for discovery in a lawsuit over the missed pass interference call in the NFC Championship game last January was denied on Wednesday.

According to Matt Seldge of the, the Louisiana 4th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously upheld the ruling of District Court Judge Nicole Sheppard to allow a lawsuit against the NFL to proceed. The appellate court found no fault in Sheppard’s decision last week granted the plaintiffs the ability to interview league officials – including Commissioner Roger Goodell – and game officials about the infamous no-call that helped the Rams eventually earn their way to the Super Bowl instead of the Saints.

The case is seeking only $75,000 in damages, which keeps it below a threshold that would risk the case being moved to a federal court. Plaintiff attorney Antonio LeMon said the money is inconsequential to him and he intends to give any money the case potentially yields to charity. LeMon’s goal has been to pry information about the game from the NFL, including the grading of the officials involved and if they were disciplined for missing the call.

Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman obliterated Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis before Drew Brees‘ pass had reached its intended target. However, no flag was thrown on the play and the Saints were forced to kick a 31-yard field goal instead of getting a fresh set of downs at the Rams 6-yard line with less than two minutes to play. There was ultimately enough time remaining for the Rams to drive for a tying field goal that forced overtime, where the Rams won to advance to the Super Bowl.

14 responses to “NFL appeal to halt discovery in Saints-Rams lawsuit denied

  1. So anytime there’s a bad call in a game we can sue for $75K? Good to know.

  2. The NFL will fight this all the way. Imagine if the transparency floodgates ever open. Oooooh the dirty little secrets we’ll hear about. Some big ones too! Can’t wait

  3. Don’t like either team involved, but the attorney filing the case & the judge that allowed it should be disciplined.

  4. I’m the #1 Saints fan-atic but this “lawsuit” is a waste of everybody’s time, money and what’s left of our brain power.
    Just let it go.
    Wait til THIS year.

  5. I love how this has driven Saints fans crazy. It’s such fun watching them make fools of themselves. Priceless.

  6. Good for Nola! FINALLY found folks with the kahoonas to take on Roger & the NFL mafia, instead of just rolling over & accepting their dictatorial edicts.

  7. Yeah like transparency is a bad thing. As bad as that non-call was, we all SHOULD want to know what was the outcome at the league level as they have said nothing. Were the officials downgraded? Reprimanded? Any discipline at all? They obviously weren’t fired. Was doing away with All Star teams of officials done away with? They’re not suing for money or a change to the outcome. They are suing for transparency. If most fans look beyond the team they’ll realize they want the same thing. Easy to throw stones when your team wasn’t the one so obviously wronged though.

  8. I should be suing for at least 75k too! That call made me root against the Rams in the Superbowl…. that meant I had to root for the Patriots…. in a superbowl!!!!! You know how much mental and physical torment that caused! At least 75K.

  9. All for the lawsuit. Silent Stan Kroenke just took a beating by PSL holders in St Louis to the tune of 24 million lawsuit award. Any thing else that keeps that country bumpkin busy as far as lawsuits is ok with all in St Louis.

  10. Why don’t we sue the NFL for the refs’ call that was against Hekker when he and the team (Rams) ran a fake field goal, got the first down, but they called it short! That helped the Saints win game 1 versus the Rams and the championship game could have been played in Los Angeles. People forget there were equally bad calls against both teams.

  11. They called it short because it was short. There were not equally bad calls against both teams. One was reg season vs going to the Superbowl. But in the NFC champ game, yhey missed a face mask on Goff. Ok. They missed the worst most obvious call ever, they missed a previous 3rd down mugging by Roby-Coleman against a saints receiver on 3rd down in the 4th quarter that ended a drive, they missed the helmet to helmet hit by Littleton that knocked the Saints TE out of the game, they missed the hands to the face by Fowler on Drew Brees’ INT throw in OT that also contained the safety Johnson holding Michael Thomas while the ball was in the air allowing him to fall back and intercept it. So yeah bruh

  12. As a court case, its over, not going to change anything, bad calls happen, but the thing I like about this is Roger would have to answer tough questions in court, that could get interesting.

  13. Geez what poor losers. Everyone forgets the facemask penalty that wasn’t called on Goff. Had it been called it would have put the ball on the one yard line. As it was, it was spotted on the 3 yd line. The next play was a run for 2 yards. So had the penalty been called the Rams would have scored a TD instead of settling for a FG. A 4 point swing.

    No one is talking about how even as things worked out the Saints still had opportunities to win the game. The first coming in regulation but boohoo the Saint D allowed the Rams to get into FG range. But even then the Saints got the ball first in Overtime. Again they BLEW IT. But they still had a chance by keeping the Rams out of FG range. Alas the vaunted defense failed to keep the Rams out of FG range and the RAMS WON!!!! LMAO

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