Report: Raiders likely to remain in Napa for training camp in 2020

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They may no longer be the Oakland Raiders by the time training camp rolls around next summer, but the Raiders may yet call California home for their preseason workouts.

According to Paul Gutierrez of, the Raiders are likely to remain in Napa for training camp next year despite their impending move to Las Vegas. The team has an option on their Napa training grounds for 2020 that they intend to exercise.

Additionally, the team will continue to reside in their Alameda training complex for offseason workouts before making their move to southern Nevada at the conclusion of training camp.

Reno was a possible option for the Raiders camp next summer as well. It may become the preferred choice for the team once they get settled in Las Vegas full-time. But with the option already existing for their current residence in wine country, sticking in Napa may have just been the most feasible option for the short-term.

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  1. must be terrible to be in the wine country. They use to go to Napa to train in the heat…but now they will go there to cool off..It’s only 107 in Las Vegas today….

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