Ryan Fitzpatrick gets the first shot with Dolphins’ starting offense

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The Dolphins have opened training camp, and the first quarterback to get first crack at running the first-string offense is . . . well, if you saw the headline you already know.

Per multiple reports from the scene, Ryan Fitzpatrick, the grizzled veteran who looks like Grizzly Adams, lined up as the No. 1 quarterback behind the No. 1 offense when practice began.

This hardly means that he’ll hold the job through training camp or the preseason, but based on the work done by Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen during the offseason program, Fitzpatrick earned the chance to be the starter, at least for the start of training-camp practice.

The Dolphins acquired Rosen for a second-round pick in April, with the obvious goal of evaluating in 2019 whether he can be the quarterback for 2020 and beyond, or whether they should instead #TankForTua. The sooner Rosen plays, the sooner they’ll know what he has.

Conversely, the longer it takes for him to send Fitzpatrick to the sideline, the more it will look like a failure for the Fins.

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  1. Not a failure for the Fins either way. Have you seen our 2nd round picks the last 10 years. It would be better if we just skipped the 2nd round altogether…

  2. I’d play Rosen right away and as much as possible. If he’s good, great! If he’s bad, you’ll lose games anyway so that takes care of the tanking part. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t the future so any games he wins aren’t going to help you.

  3. “Conversely, the longer it takes for him to send Fitzpatrick to the sideline, the more it will look like a failure for the Fins.”

    Rosen was a steal. He only cost us a late 2nd round pick (after we traded back) and a 5th. There are no guarantee’s that any draft pick will pan out in the NFL. For Rosen, we have seen what he can do vs NFL talent. Even if he doesn’t pan out as a starter he is a cheap backup with alot of possible upside.

  4. Not surprised by this all… It’s almost like their were several signs Rosen was a bust before Miami picked him up, like his 2018 game film or the fact the team who just drafted him #1 overall was looking to move off of him and draft someone else after just 1 season. If only Miami could of seen this coming….

  5. Fitz or Rosen, doesn’t matter. Why? Because until a new Dolphins QB is the next Dan Marino, who gives a crap? Tannehill was a good but not great QB who was tossed overboard because suddenly after years of being behind a crappy OL he gets badly injured in 2016 Cards game, then they bring in crappy Cutler, then in 2018 Tanny gets hurt again and Brock did beat the Bears but lost to everyone else.. But because Tannehill wasn’t Dan Marino, who never won a Super Bowl, Dolphins fans hated Tannehill and cheered when he was traded to the Titans (who also picked up Wake). As far as I’m concerned, this hatred of Tannehill will become a kharmic moment for Fins fans–what goes around comes around. And blessings to Tannehill in Tennessee!

  6. Fins would be lucky to win 5 games with so many new parts. EVERYTHING is new to everyone in that building…Coaches, scheme, qbs, line coaches, head coach. Just start Rosen and see what you got. What’s the point of winning 7 games?!? Fins roster is college level anyway, most games will be over by halftime.

  7. It’s funny how most fans think the Dolphins are tanking this year. Giving Flores a gutanteed contract for 5 years makes me believe they are tanking for five years.

  8. redlikethepig says:
    July 25, 2019 at 1:05 pm
    Fitz has made an amazing amount of money being mediocre
    Belichick has an amazing amount of wins while mastering cheating and not being kicked out of the league.

  9. There’s a whole lot of buzz about “Tanking for Tua.” Fins should be tanking for Trevor. Tua is not a quality NFL prospect and would be a bust of a #1 pick. We already have a bust #1 on the Dolphins roster at QB. I would not be too sure that the Dolphins take Tua. Maybe they will surprise and build it right starting with the O and D lines.

  10. If Rosen can’t even beat out Fitzpatrick for the starting job, then maybe the Cardinals were right to part ways with him. As for Miami, it’s pretty clear they need to tank for Tua.

  11. Josh Rosen is the re-birth of an old school QB who use to kill the dolphins defense back in the day. His name is Bert Jones. Bert Jones destroyed defenses with his deep throw bombs.
    Josh Rosen has that same exact makeup. Josh throws beautiful deep balls just like Bert Jones did back in the day. Miami has much more talent on offense that the Cardinals did last year.
    I know from what I have already saw that Josh Rosen is a big step up over tannehill. But I am open to Fitzpatrick starting the first 4 games to get us off to a 3-1 or 4-0 start.
    Then they should allow Josh Rosen to take over the reigns after the bye week if the nod to Fitzpatrick was close for the starting job.

  12. ‘But because Tannehill wasn’t Dan Marino, who never won a Super Bowl, Dolphins fans hated Tannehill and cheered when he was traded to the Titans”
    You are missing the point. I was a Tannehill fan, still am and will cheer him in Tennessee.
    But 7 years, two coaches and four OC is more than enough. After last year even I had to agree that Tanehill would have a very hard time winning the confidence of his teammates and that he would be better off somewhere else. I was glad that he was traded Tennessee where he may get a chance to play behind a good OL. Wish him the best anywhere he goes.
    After seven years it was time for a new start.

  13. Forget the Tannahaters. I always liked Tannehill and still do. Even Dan-The-Man didn’t throw to good lying on his back. Anyhow, If JR even looks close or as good as Fitz by the time we start the season, JR should get the nod. Let’s just hope we can keep a healthy decent O=Line.

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