Kevin Colbert inches toward G.M. free agency

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The Steelers unquestionably have become excellent at finding talent. The man primarily responsible for doing so could be taking his talents elsewhere next year.

G.M. Kevin Colbert’s contract runs through the 2020 draft. As explained by Ed Bouchette of, Colbert didn’t get an extension on the same day coach Mike Tomlin received his latest new deal. Bouchette adds that Colbert has told the team he prefers to go year to year.

That approach gives both sides flexibility; the Steelers can move on with minimal financial cost, and Colbert can walk away for a better offer or a change of scenery.

It’s hard to imagine either side wanting one. Colbert, who perhaps doesn’t get the credit he deserves because he’s quiet and understated, has done a great job for the Steelers. And Pittsburgh seems to be the perfect place for him.

Unless, of course, for Steelers minority owner David Tepper is thinking about making Colbert an offer he can’t refused in order to lure him to Charlotte.

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  1. aka

    getting the newsome “you are fired” treatment but in a nice way due to time served

    the guy hasn’t been able to draft defense for years with the way the league has changed offensively

    they are a predictable zone d and always will be

  2. Colbert isn’t going anywhere. No one wants someone who has been systematically destroying the team ever since they got flattened by Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. #tebow #flacco #manning #brady #bortles #2ndPlaceAFCN #noplayoffs

  3. I agree with TimTebow…..this guy has no ego and he has talent. He is loyal to
    the organization. I don’t believe that Colbert would leave for another
    organization, he is 62 and is home grown In Pittsburgh.
    Despite the above that doesn’t necessarily guarantee Colbert will
    be with the Steelers next year.
    Being a local guy, with no ego and talent didn’t save Tom Donahoe..

  4. I’m just glad the Steelers extended Tomlin, because that means they’ll remain underachiever’s for at least the next few years

  5. struckgold49er says:
    July 26, 2019 at 11:42 am
    So David Tepper owns a share of the Steelers and Owns the Carolina Panthers??? I didn’t know that was allowed..!!

    It’s not. He had to sell his minority stake in the Steelers in order to buy the Panthers.

  6. Word is that there is a possibility that Colbert, who is 62, may want to retire soon?

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