Kevin Colbert confirms he’s on a year-to-year arrangement

Getty Images

When Steelers coach Mike Tomlin got an extension, G.M. Kevin Colbert didn’t. He confirmed to a group of reporters on Saturday that he doesn’t want one.

Via Mark Kaboly of, the 62-year-old Colbert made it clear that, after his current contract expires in April 2020, he wants to proceed one year at a time.

“When I did the last extension it was under the understanding that the end of this one that I would like to do year-to-year,” said Colbert, who is entering his twentieth year as the team’s G.M.

That doesn’t mean he’ll be exiting the job any time soon. “I still love what I do and as long as I still love what I do I can see myself continuing to do it,” Colbert added.

The arrangement gives both sides plenty of flexibility, allowing the Steelers to move on whenever they want and allowing Colbert to exit whenever he chooses. And if Colbert is in play for a job elsewhere, why wouldn’t another team be thinking about making a run at him? To the extent that the Steelers are one of the most talented teams in the league, Colbert is the one most responsible for finding those players.