Baker Mayfield lets his receivers hear it during practice

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Some quarterbacks opt to call out teammates publicly. One quarterback on Saturday chose to call out teammates privately. But loud enough that it was heard publicly.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield reacted to a failed scramble deal by screaming at his receivers — including the ubiquitous (but for some reason still regarded as taboo) F bomb.

Coach Freddie Kitchens was fine with Mayfield’s reaction.

“I don’t know if they responded to him or not, but yeah, I expect my quarterback to get everybody on the same page,” Kitchens said, via Cabot. “That’s what I want.”

That’s what quarterbacks are supposed to do — on the practice field, on the playing field, on the sidelines wherever. It part of the quasi-management nature of the gig. Quarterbacks show leadership by always inspiring teammates and holding them accountable, when needed.

A college quarterback at Alabama, Kitchens admits he did the same thing with his teammates.

“I think you could ask some of my friends and ask them,” Kitchens said. “Probably too much.”

Mayfield, and all quarterbacks, needed to be ready to do it exactly as much as it’s needed. And to do it within the confines of the team, not during radio interviews or press conferences or wherever else that involves complaining to outsiders about members of the team.

25 responses to “Baker Mayfield lets his receivers hear it during practice

  1. This is what Odell wanted the opposite of Eli ,so period stop !

  2. Many great QB’s were deemed jerks during their playing days. Baker is not here to make friends & I really like his fire.

  3. Can’t wait until this guy crashes. It’s a matter of time. He’s been anointed by pundits, so it’s a matter of time before he gets set straight. Miss Odell enough & it will start.

  4. OBJ couldn’t handle a QB telling him to get his head straight without moping and slamming his helmet on the ground for all the cameras to see. I don’t know how the browns will do when they string together a few losses. It can collapse very quickly.

  5. We’ll see how Mayfield acts when his teammates grow tired of it and start throwing HIM under the bus.

  6. He’s going to make tons of friends with his professional manner on the field. 🤣

  7. Who was in the WR group that he was yelling at? Was he singling our 1 particular person. Not that it’s a big deal as this type of thing happens all the time and goes both ways w WR’s calling out QB’s as well but I would for some context to the story know who else was involved.

  8. Better to have these blowups now during training camp practices.
    Rather than waiting till week 17, in front of a national audience, while playing the Bears, and fighting for you playoff lives.

  9. Mayfield should shut his mouth honestly. All the hype is getting to the little guy’s head.

  10. A QB should let his receivers have it if they aren’t performing. I just can’t tell if the receivers were in the wrong or not based on the descriptions given.

  11. Mayfield…
    So much talk, backed by nothing actually accomplished.
    Fools gold..
    He’s perfect for Cleveland…

  12. Vikings fans want an explanation. The QB shouldn’t do this. Just ask them they’ll tell you this.

  13. Lifelong Browns fan here- Really starting to get tired of Mayfield and Kitchens at this point. Mayfield hasn’t proven ANYTHING on the NFL level. And Kitchens just excuses everything he does be Mayfield was his meal ticket to be head coach. (Still no sure why we didn’t go with Greg Williams).

  14. Let the haters hate, Browns are going to be a winning organization for the foreseeable future.

  15. Without knowing what he said or why he did, the whole story is fluff. If they go over routes in the huddle and then the WRs get it wrong 30 seconds later they SHOULD be lit up. If they haven’t tied their shoes properly – back off Baker. See we have no idea what the situation was.

  16. The Browns emblemless helmet (the only one in the NFL), and their fans willingness to perpetuate it continuously, is a symbol of why they were mired in mediocrity for 50 years, even though they get a top 3 draft choice virtually every year since the beginning of time. It’s because they REFUSE to change and keep up with the times. Brown and orange uniforms and keeping the name of a coach they actually fired, really explains their fans and owners thought processes and makes me believe there will be another 50 years of bottom feeder this for their fans to endure.

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