Bengals worried about practice surface before A.J. Green injury


The Bengals are hoping to have avoided the worst with wide receiver A.J. Green‘s ankle injury.

But they were also worried about the conditions of their field before it happened.

According to Albert Breer of, “several Bengals staffers” were concerned about the surface of the field at the University of Dayton’s Welcome Stadium, which “they saw as subpar.” There were mentions of other players sliding on the surface.

They held their first practice of the season in Dayton as part of the league’s 100th-year celebration, since Dayton was the home of the league’s first game.

Whether the grass had anything to do with the sprained ankle was unclear, but football people are creatures of habit, and anything outside their normal conditions is going to trigger their alarms.

5 responses to “Bengals worried about practice surface before A.J. Green injury

  1. Back in the 1980s, a very vocal group of Browns fans in Dayton convinced the NFL that Dayton was closer to Cleveland than Cincinnati and the NFL allowed the local TV affiliate to show Browns games for about two weeks until the Bengals set the NFL straight.

    Since then, the Bengals periodically go to Dayton to generate local support, with visits to Centerville and West Carollton High schools in previous years. I can’t imagine that Welcome Stadium is worse than these high school’s fields.

  2. The whole practice I saw many of the skilled players slipping when they were making aggressive cuts. Whatever was gained by not using their dedicated practice facility in Cincinnati wasn’t worth it.

  3. Centerville High School has an excellent field. Was one of the few High Schools in the state to have the professional grade synthetic turf used by a lot of NFL teams. It’s a very nice community with above average incomes. Wish it would have been held there.

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