Bruce Arians: Some Bucs “crapped their pants” in pads

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Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians was happy that the team would be putting on the pads. He wasn’t happy with everyone’s performance in pads, however.

“It was a little raggedy, more raggedy than I thought it was,” Arians said after practice, via “The noise level went up and some guys messed their pants. But we’ll grade the film.”

When Arians grades the film, it sounds like plenty of guys will be getting not an A or a C but an S.

“Mental errors, we had some guys today just crap their pants today in pads,” Arians said.

If a football player is going to crap his pants, it’s better to crap his pants in practice than during a game. The challenge will be to learn from the practice-variety pants-crapping and keep it from becoming an in-game poopfest.

13 responses to “Bruce Arians: Some Bucs “crapped their pants” in pads

  1. Sorry, but Arians goal in life is to be a sports celebrity star. Hence all his many attention seeking and well orchestrated quotes. He is an average HC at best that wears out his welcome early,

  2. A buffoon with a stupid hat.

    You have a problem with a player, you go to the player. Not gleefully go to the press.
    Everyone is an adult, not some college kid you can push around.

  3. Bill Parcels was a lot like this. Bobby Knight too.

    I respected them yet loathed them at the same time. They won which I respected but the self promoting they did at their own players expense is what I loathed about them.

    Both BB and Coach K took the good from them and left the self promoting side behind. Both protege’s had vastly more success than their mentors.

  4. Arians was my secnond choice to coach the Bucs. Still, I was happy to have him. I was in Phoenix for a while when Arians was the Cards coach. I remember as being honest with the team, but I don’t remember him putting down a bunch of players like he seems to be doing in Tampa. I was in the Phoenix area for at least to summer camps. There is a huge difference in holding camp in Tampa, and haolding camp in Flagstaff. This a a huge difference. Tampa is hot and extremely humid at this time of the year. The majority of Cardinals camp is held in a cool, weather wise, mountain town at 7200 foot elevation. The Cards move back to Phoenix at the end of camp to adjust to the heat.

    Frankly, I having second thoughts about Bruce leading this team to a better future. His mouth and attitude seems to be getting in the way. Arians is setting up the Bucs to be a boom, or bust team!

  5. Actually the original story headline was Bucs crapped their paints until it was changed 45 minutes later and no comments were placed.

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