Dee Haslam: Kareem Hunt “has work to do” to be part of our organization

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The status of running back Kareem Hunt on the Browns’ roster may be more tenuous than believed.

Browns owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam met with reporters on Sunday, and it became clear that Hunt isn’t automatically going to stay on the roster when his eight-game suspension ends.

“We know that Kareem has work to do, and he is in counseling working really hard,” Dee Haslam said regarding Hunt, who recently was questioned by police after an incident outside of a bar in Cleveland. “It is up to him. It truly is up to him. We have high expectations for our players.”

Asked whether she had any qualms about adding Hunt to the roster, given the videotaped assault of a woman that triggered his suspension, Dee Haslam was blunt: “I think you have to take the situation very, very, very seriously. We spent a lot of time and [G.M.] John [Dorsey] spent a lot of time with Kareem and felt like he has potential as a person, which is obviously as important as a player. He needs to continue to work really hard to be part of our organization.”

That last sentence strongly implies that his place on the team is far from secure.

“Kareem understands what he has to do to continue to be a part of the Cleveland Browns,” Jimmy Haslam added.

Jimmy Haslam also noted that the team is still talking to the league about the possibility that Hunt will be permitted to remain with the team during his suspension. For now, a final decision has not been made.

It sounds like a final decision on whether Hunt will even been a member of the Browns during the second half of the season hasn’t been made, either.

14 responses to “Dee Haslam: Kareem Hunt “has work to do” to be part of our organization

  1. Thats PR nonsense – Haslam wants him to play.
    Its so easy to play the media and public with a fake sob story.
    Lets see what Goodell does, and the Browns do.
    I say he plays this year.

  2. Of course I loved Hunt as a fan of the Chiefs. Imo ANY player that is suspended shouldn’t be allowed to be around the team until the suspension is up.

  3. Is there any other business that a man can beat a woman,caught on video tape and be employed within six months of the incident?

    I dont even know if you could get a job at Mcdonalds after that. The man is under investigation for assault and battery, the video proof is clear.

    The Browns have no integrity.

  4. “The 3 of them care about ONE thing. WINNING.”

    Actually the only thing the Haslams care about is continuing their scam of the Browns fans. They’ve averaged more than 50 million under the cap the last 3 years running, by far and away the most of any team. The average was around 10-12 million under for the top 2 dozen teams in spending each year.

    They’re pulling as much money as possible out of the franchise and have done so by putting a wretchedly bad product on the field. The only reason it improved at all last year was most of the players being young and under their first contracts or toss aways from other teams.

  5. ‘ “He needs to continue to work really hard to be part of our organization.” ‘

    “That last sentence strongly implies that his place on the team is far from secure.”

    That is subject to interpretation. I thought all it implied was due PR lip service regarding an unsavory subject.

  6. whysosenestive445 says:
    July 28, 2019 at 3:56 pm

    She should stay in her place. She doesn’t make any decisions here
    And who exactly are YOU to be telling the owner of the team to “stay in her place”?

  7. Honestly it sounds like Hunt is being held accountable for his actions. The Browns don’t have anything to lose- if he acts up again they just release him. If he stays out of trouble they just landed one of the best players in the NFL for next to nothing.

    I doubt most fans get how good this guy is. The Chiefs are not going to be the same without him. The whole defense had to check where Hunt was on every play. Now they can key on Mahomes.

  8. Wisely, Kareem approved of the uniforms and the team colors, all chosen by Dee. He’s good to go.

  9. Ya, being in a bar a month ago and involved in a fight with his friend, ya he gets it. The only thing this guy gets how to work the system.

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