Raiders release running back Chris Warren III

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Hard Knocks producers already have a somewhat surprising employee termination to televise nationally in the first episode.

Chris Warren III led the Raiders in preseason rushing last year before landing on injured reserve. He has now landed on the waiver wire.

The Raiders have released Warren, replacing him with running back James Butler.

The son of a former NFL running back with the same name, Warren averaged 5.0 yards per carry and gained 292 yards in the 2018 preseason, after arriving undrafted from Texas. Butler, undrafted out of Iowa in 2018, has bounced on and off the Oakland roster and practice squad.

Warren’s father, Chris Warren II, spent 11 seasons in the NFL, racking up 7,696 rushing yards and 57 total touchdowns.

The Raiders are expected to make rookie first-rounder Josh Jacobs their workhorse tailback in 2019.

12 responses to “Raiders release running back Chris Warren III

  1. damn i was hoping this guy could be our new zack crockett. somebody will give him a shot he has alot of up side.

  2. I’m a little bit suprised, I think alot of people thought him and Jalen Richard could be an answer before the draft. Guess he’s not in the plans at all anymore. Still looks like a great talent for a team to bet on.

  3. Damn. That kid dominated last preseason the way you’d expect a starter to dominate camp fidder wannabes.
    This was a bad move. It looked like DBs were terrified to tackle him nice he started running downhill.
    CWIII must’ve “Marquette King’d” himself into Gruock’s doghouse.
    I hate the way Gruden acts like Bill Belichick when he’s the coach of a 4-12 team.

  4. hr’ll get a shot someplace else. wouldn’t be surprised if the raiders brought him back later in camp.

  5. A really stupid/idiotic move by Mike Mayock;
    this is another example why this team will never amount to anything.

  6. seeing reports he showed up way out of shape, not sure how true it is, but if true thats the reason right there.

    guys who show up out of shape dont make teams.

  7. That’s a shame, I really would have liked to see him get a legit shot at a roster spot. He’ll get claimed and play well for someone. Not sure I agree with this call.

  8. Those are some great stats, too bad you don’t make the Hall of Fame on pre-season stats. If he showed up out of shape that says it all. The Raiders don’t have time for guys that want to cut corners.

  9. Someone is gonna get themselves a beast of a back for a steal. I still remember him literally flipping dudes backwards when running through a defensive line.

  10. He showed up out of shape. It’s not like he is a lock for Canton or anything, get real he lead the team in rushing….in the pre season. If he gets claimed he will struggle to make the roster of that team also. A fringe NFL player, that’s all. They get released, especially when showing up to camp out of shape.

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