Todd Gurley to reporters: “Stop putting this bad energy on my knee”

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The Rams launched training camp on Saturday. After being held out of team drills during the offseason, running back Todd Gurley participated. After practice, he had a request for reporters who have asked Gurley, coach Sean McVay, and even quarterback Jared Goff about Gurley’s knee.

“Y’all have got to stop putting this bad energy in my knee, man,” Gurley said. “Just let it be.”

They won’t, and shouldn’t, let it be, because the knee was an issue throughout 2018. Given multiple reports of an arthritic component, it quite likely will be an issue going forward.

“It’s good,” Gurley said of the knee after the first practice. “Just out here doing what I do. Obviously, I’m about to go do some recovery after this and just get ready for the next day.”

So is he eager to show everyone that the knee is fine?

“I’m not eager doing this,” Gurley said. “I don’t have to prove anything to nobody. I have been doing this for years now. So, it’s the same stuff every year.”

But it really isn’t, because last year was the first year that the torn ACL from 2014 seemed to affect in a significant way Gurley’s performance and availablity. Still, despite the plea to end the “bad energy” on his knee, Gurley said he’s not frustrated about the constant reports regarding it.

“I don’t entertain stuff,” he said. “When you entertain stuff that’s when you start letting stuff get to you, you start being emotional. And it’s the Internet, right? How serious can you take the Internet? I mean for some people it’s their job. I mean, let them do their job. You do your job. My job is to play football. Your job is to write and report. So, I don’t take it anyway. I don’t feel no way about it. You’ve got to have a story, you’ve got to have something to talk about. It’s the offseason so it is what it is.”

The days of dismissively referring to “Internet reports” presumably ended once the Internet became the primary source of all sports-related news and analysis. Really, if things like this don’t emerge on the Internet, where would they come from?

It’s “the Internet” that brought items like Gurley’s trainer confirming that there’s an “arthritic component” in the knee. It’s also the Internet that provided the platform for Jay Glazer, who is as plugged in as anyone when it comes to NFL matters, to explain that the knee is indeed “a concern.” And it was McVay who acknowledged that the knee — which according to Rams radio analyst Maurice Jones-Drew bothered Gurley all year — has “wear and tear.”

So, yes, it was an issue in 2018. Common sense suggests that, given the position Gurley plays, it more probably than not will be an issue again in 2019. But it’s no surprise that he’d rather not dwell on it, because what good will that do? He needs to simply do whatever needs to be done each and every day, so that he can give maximum effort on game days. And if the knee at some point hampers him, Gurley and the Rams will have to deal with it.

20 responses to “Todd Gurley to reporters: “Stop putting this bad energy on my knee”

  1. Nothing against TG, but I know what it’s like to have “arthritic” knees It kind of hurts to run and cut, but it REALLY hurts after the fact and the next day.
    Total 6 surgeries between the two for me, I get what he’s looking at, same as me. Play a few more years, call it quits and “do what you do”.

  2. Look, reporters may have to ask, but it is pretty understandable why this topic would get old for Gurley too. He is probably anxious enough about it already, so the questions would get irritating.

  3. “Bad Energy”?

    But boy wonder McVay said Gurley’s knee was 100% all playoffs and we should all just trust that CJ Anderson is just a better RB who was sitting at home half of the season and outplayed Gurley while completely fat out of shape

  4. Rams kept saying Gurley was fine, not listed properly on injury report. The Patriots did this once and were reprimanded. Ever since Bill lists every little thing, down to a hang nail. Double standard, once again, though the haters deny it.

  5. The Rams went through this with Marshall Faulk, a world-beater in 1999-2001 but did not produce at the same level the rest of his career. I think a similar decline is in store for Gurley.

    Actually if Gurley can replicate Faulk’s 2002-2003 seasons in the next couple of years that would be a good result for the Rams.

  6. Well, if he’s TRYING to get people to ask about his knee, this is the right approach.

  7. I think Gurley means, it’s the Internet, so instead of news stories, we get a steady stream of opinion pieces that pretend to be news stories.

  8. Sorry Todd, but cant be a player of your caliber and expect the media not to run with anything they hear. This man would be front page news if he got a speeding ticket…

  9. Todd Gurley to reporters: “Stop putting this bad energy on my knee”
    Reporters to Gurley: Take off that tin-foil hat and stop being crazy

  10. Magic crystals can fight the bad energy – as would you & your team not lying about the knee.

  11. Hasn’t even put on pads or faced any contact yet. What do they expect to hear?

    If I were him I wouldn’t answer any questions about his knee anymore. If there’s a problem it’ll be obvious.

  12. Todd Gurley needs to have a talk with Dan Dierdorf about arthritic knees, hips, and their long-term use while playing football. Dierdorf, who is a really wonderful guy, played just 13 seasons in the NFL. Both his knees and hips are artificial, in part by-products of playing and practicing on artificial turf with the Cardinals. All I would say to Gurley is “Todd, you got your money. Take it and run while you still have the ability to walk upright and you brain isn’t mush from too many concussions.”

  13. “I don’t have to prove anything to nobody”

    I think that means Gurley needs to prove something to everybody

  14. savagenation2011 says:
    July 28, 2019 at 9:49 am
    “I don’t have to prove anything to nobody”

    I think that means Gurley needs to prove something to everybody


    It’s hard to believe this guy attended college let alone graduated

  15. I don’t recall seeing Gurley on the injury report for the SB despite knowing the severity of the injury. Since the Rams were playing the Patriots, Goodell ignored this blatant and serious violation. Just like he ignored Bell’s injury against the Patriots a couple years ago. Bell was only able to play 6 snaps before leaving the game. He told reporters, several times, that the Steelers knew how seriously hurt he was. He even missed several practices that week.

  16. Now you see why the Patriots drafted a RB despite having Sony Michel and the Browns signed Kareem Hunt despite having Nick Chubb. University of Georgia running backs with medical history don’t last long in the NFL. One or two productive years then it’s downhill from there.

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