Washington denies Trent Williams’ relationship with team is fractured

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Washington denied a report from earlier Sunday that Trent Williams‘ relationship with team president Bruce Allen was fractured beyond repair.

“That report is 100 percent false,” Tony Wyllie, Washington’s senior vice president of communications, told NBCSportsWashington.com.

Williams is holding out of training camp.

Washington signed free agent Corey Robinson and has worked out Donald Penn. It is playing Ereck Flowers at left tackle in Williams’ absence.

Washington signed Flowers to play left guard.

Williams, a seven-time Pro Bowler, reportedly is upset with the way the team handled his medical situation this offseason. He had a benign growth removed from his scalp.

Washington, though, needs Williams.

15 responses to “Washington denies Trent Williams’ relationship with team is fractured

  1. To prove his point, Dan Synder photoshopped Trent Williams into a picture of them fishing and high-fiving!

    If an organization has to deliver a public relations statement that there are no problems with communication, then there are problems with communication.

  2. >> It is playing Ereck Flowers at left tackle in Williams’ absence.
    Washington signed Flowers to play left guard.

    Thats like taking a good professional player (of any sport) and replacing him with ME.
    Good luck to the Redskins QB with Flowers at LT.

  3. Houston has both a genuine need for him and the cap space to pay him. Send them Kalil (if they’ll take him) and a draft pick and get it done.

  4. Trent “Weedy” Williams has not been good for years – he is a symbol of a franchise where all of its “cred” comes from years ago. This team keeps players who are often injured and add nothing to the performance of the team. The infamous Dropson is the latest of fragile do nothings with promise that only comes from reading fairy tales just before bed. In dreams there might be a game with multiple catches. And the reality is that he drops nearly everything thrown his way. When he can play.

    Alice Smith was a poster child for a team committed to playing do nothing men with more fable than actual career cred. Smith showed the Washington fans that you can profit from passes of five yards or less but you cannot come from behind – ever. The defense has another player who can’t play, Josh Norman, whose only real ability evidently is jumping bulls. He can’t cover a blade of grass. He can’t even play within five yards of someone with a pulse.

    Williams was once somebody with talent and performance. And then he became a vegan. And then he infected the rest of the offensive line with the menu and they all were worthless and often injured. Williams was once remarkable for playing injured, but now when he’s healthy he plays like he’s injured. And now evidently he’s been disrespected and we know skin pigment and disrespect are married for life.

  5. I have never seen so many guys in the NFL as there are now who look like they are made of steel but have ultra-fragile personalities and need to be constantly told how wonderful they are or they whine.
    What is it with these guys? They constantly tell us “it’s a business” but then they cry to the media that no one in the organization loves them when the team treats them as a part of that business.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but I think these guys need to grow up and act like the men they are supposed to be.

  6. Hey Neal, Williams hasn’t said a word to anyone outside the team. We don’t know what his issues are with the team. It’s all speculation in the media–yet you want to attribute it to Williams.

    Washington has a bottom of the barrel organization from the owner down. Whatever Williams beef is, you can bet it is based on something serious.

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