Cardinals are building halftime into practice


Kliff Kingsbury’s offense might not be the only revolutionary concept he brings to the NFL.

Via USA Today, the Kingsbury Cardinals are having halftime during practices, with fruit and drinks brought onto the field for players. Reporters have called it a snack break, but that’s not what Kingsbury considers it to be.

It’s halftime,” Kingsbury said. “It’s not a snack break. I appreciate you all coining that.” (And then he took a long draw from his juice box.)

Kingbsury explained that the purpose of the in-practice break is to promote player safety, to hydrate them, and to get them fed. Kingsbury also wants to see how they respond after a period of doing nothing.

“I want to have a quick pause and then how do we pick up in the second half of practice coming out of halftime and finishing practice strong,” Kingsbury said.

It’s smart, because that’s what will happen in every game the Cardinals play. For years, coaches have simulated the extra-long Super Bowl halftime in practices preceding the game. Why not simulate a normal halftime all year long? Throw in the importance of keeping guys properly fueled (long gone are the days of swishing water around in your mouth and spitting it out for fear of cramps), and it makes sense — whatever the label.