Dolphins fire offensive line coach Pat Flaherty, promote Dave DeGuglielmo

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Suddenly, having to run a few laps for mental mistakes in practice doesn’t sound so bad.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Dolphins fired offensive line coach Pat Flaherty.

To fill the spot, they promoted analyst Dave DeGuglielmo to line coach. He had the same job in Miami under coach Tony Sparano, and was in Indianapolis last year (when the line went from a liability to a strength). He was brought in this offseason as a consultant.

Rapoport said Flaherty “struggled to implement the new system,” and apparently they didn’t want to wait until the second week of camp to make the change.

16 responses to “Dolphins fire offensive line coach Pat Flaherty, promote Dave DeGuglielmo

  1. Just shows you how well thought out the staff was when they put it in place 5 months ago. C’mon Miami you’re pissin Dan Marino off again. Hey Dan at least there’s no one to challenge any of your records in the next decade.

  2. Miami can’t even field a player that has a commercial. What happened to the franchise.

  3. Can’t make this stuff up with this team….. LOL Well, at least he wasn’t doing blow. I guess that is some sort of improvement.

    This team has become a walking punch line…

  4. Wish the Dolphins were on Hard Knocks this season. I would have LOVED to see how this all came about. This has to be far more than simply the OL being dominated on the practice field.

  5. For the most part, the Dolphins have been a pathetic joke for the past 20 years, but I give any organization (regardless of the industry) credit when they recognize a bad hire/bad fit………instead of letting the obvious linger.

    Good move….

  6. It kills me to write this but I think the Dolphins are going to surprise people this year.

  7. Ouch. A defensive minded coach firing an offensive line coach because they didn’t agree on schemes. I believe I’d side with the oline coach. What a joke of a hc.

  8. The timing does not look good because Flores hired this guy in the springs and did not give him a chance to coach even one Pre-season game.
    The team has had only two contact practices and while the defense dominated this is not unusual in July or August.
    At the same time, without knowing what happened behind the scenes,it is impossible to tell whether this was an impatient rookie HC or a cooridnator that was not a fit. If the latter no sense prolonging the inevitable.
    We will see how the OL (who has one clear starter at LT and four backups) will evolve. DeGuglielmo who is stepping in is pretty good.

  9. It will take a lot longer than a few months to clean up the decades long mess that Shula left in his wake. I actually feel bad for the people of Miami.

  10. De Guglielmo was the Pats Offensive Line Coach during Dante’s short retirement. His system is different and did not produce the strong numbers needed. Flores has worked with him.

  11. The offensive line was horrible in practice. I hope it was bad coaching…the players could be next. I like it. Someone needs to turn this offensive line around if we’re to have any success this year. Otherwise, we get all this, “We couldn’t evaluate the QB because our O-Line was terrible.” stuff.

  12. Young coach trying to flex his muscles and make a statement. Hey he definitely wants to make a statement and make a name for himself in the NFL HC world. Im happy for him him he is definitely taking this job really seriously. He is determined and is all into his new job/career as NFL HC. He is not going not going to let any dead weight make him look bad

  13. The entire coaching staff needs to be in sync with the HC’s vision and team plans. Talking offense and line play for 5 months is a lot different than actually installing the blocking schemes, teaching the players and getting positive results. Obviously this was not happening. Who knows if this problem first started showing up in OTA’s?
    Coach Flo has to have everyone buy-in and do their job. (where have we heard this before?)
    I don’t think this was staged to prove HC’s authority or to send a message to the team.
    But maybe it will.
    Fins Up.

  14. This is just Flores showing he’s the boss. I think if he continues to do stuff like this the players (and coaches) will get tired of it and Flores’ tenure in Miami will be short-lived.

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