Josh Jacobs: Jon Gruden expects me to win rookie of the year


Raiders running back Josh Jacobs will be the 2019 NFL offensive rookie of the year — if Raiders coach Jon Gruden gets what he wants.

Jacobs, selected out of Alabama with the 24th overall pick in the draft, said on NFL Network that Gruden has told him that the Raiders are expecting that of him.

“Gruden is telling me, ‘We expect you to win rookie of the year,'” Jacobs said. “I’ve got to put myself in position to get there.”

Jacobs is likely to get a lot of carries in Gruden’s offense, and also a lot of catches: Jacobs said he has been practicing at wide receiver in addition to running back, and the Raiders expect to use him all over the field. Gruden has high expectations for Jacobs and will give him plenty of opportunities to meet those expectations.