Landon Collins warns Dave Gettleman not to get close during pregame warmups

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Landon Collins left the Giants for Washington this offseason, and he does not have fond memories of Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman.

Asked on NFL Network what he’ll do when the teams meet this season if he sees Gettleman on the field during pregame warmups, Collins said he’d look for an excuse to run into Gettleman.

“I would try to tell one of my defensive back coaches, Throw the ball in that direction. Give him a nice little thud, a little run over,” Collins said.

Would Collins knock Gettleman on his butt?

“I don’t think he’s got the skill level to stay on his feet,” Collins said.

It’s easy to see why Collins isn’t thrilled that Gettleman didn’t give him big money to stay with the Giants, but Gettleman actually did Collins a favor by not slapping the franchise tag on him and instead letting Collins shop himself to the highest bidder. Maybe Collins should give Gettleman a break, and just leave him alone when their teams face off this season.

70 responses to “Landon Collins warns Dave Gettleman not to get close during pregame warmups

  1. What a child trapped in a man’s body. Oh boo hoo he didn’t re-sign me to a big contract so I’ll hit him?


  2. I bet you Gettlemen could put on his cleats, line up at WR, and torch Collins in coverage.

  3. If he does something this stupid, I hope he either gets suspended since he’s said it on SOCIAL MEDIA, or misses, gets hurt and misses half the season. I used to like the guy because he really did lay it on the field, but his mouth is out of control. Like Odell, how about playing a full season for once before opening your mouth?

  4. What part about it being a business do they not get? Fine, use it on a chip on your shoulder to go out and perform for your new team, don’t talk about exacting revenge on the sideline. Playing well would be the best revenge.

  5. Another comment. Once again the Redskins, who have one of the worst owners in football, seriously overpaid for Landon. He’s great against the run, but his coverage skills are, to be polite, circumspect. Out of his 4 years in the league he did make the pro bowl twice, but in the last two years, hasn’t played a full season. Is this worth 84 million? Personally, I don’t think any player is worth that much in any sport. The amounts they get are ridiculous, but this is really ridiculous.

  6. And ppl still wonder why they let this pathetic trash go. Great run stopper, massive liability in coverage and is an apparent Cry-Baby along with being a low class person.

  7. The OWNER and Roger Goodell, needs to crack the whip on this threatening behavior and remind him exactly what role he holds in this league/team

  8. Gettleman hasn’t made a whole bunch of great decisions as Giants GM, but he got this one 100% right.

  9. What a tool. Another one of the NFL’s bright spots. Are you kidding me, lets run over a GM who has lymphoma.

  10. It’s like, get over it. You got paid somewhere else. You will lose a lot of games in Washington, but still get paid. No one feels sorry for you.

  11. Lighten up people. Just some fun off season trash talk. Are you all really that soft and sensitive?

  12. Very common to have a grudge for your former employer. I guess players shouldn’t be “normal”. Granted players sacrifice more than most (outside of vets, policemen/women, and firefighters)

  13. That sounds like a more clear threat than the one Tyreek Hill made. If Hill should have been suspended (he should have), how about Collins?

  14. I would think publicly threatenening bodily harm to a General Manager would result in a major suspension and fine by both the NFL and Redskins.

    This is inexcusable and Collins needs to go!

  15. He should worry about facing TE’s and his coverage skills. Anyone remember Jason Witten burning him. Definitely not worth the 84 mil contract he got. Hard hitter yes, Cover safety No.

  16. Well, Mr. Collins, what you have done now is opened yourself up to a battery charge should this scenario happen. Nicely done telling the world that your going to hit Gettleman for no real reason.

  17. So he needs to ambush Gettleman on the pre game field to feel good about himself. Pathetic. It’s just business bro. Move on

  18. Great, right after we get rid of loudmouth DJ Swearinger, we replace him with *overpaid* loudmouth Landon Collins. Half the starting secondary in Washington is overpaid loudmouths. Meanwhile, homegrown warriors like Trent Williams and Ryan Kerrigan can’t get extensions. This front office has the most misplaced priorities.

  19. I wondered for a long time why the Packers didn’t make a play for this guy. I might have my answer now. What a classless sore loser.

    If he was holding out, you’d hear “this is all business, I gotta take care of my family, blah blah blah.” But when it comes to the team taking care of their business, Collins turns into a 5th grader making threats. Good luck in Washington, bud.

  20. Don’t be that way player. Let the scoreboard do the talkin. Including two interceptions every game for you bear

  21. I can’t keep up with you guys, so is it now not good and childish when a player hates his former GM or coach? Baker disrespect Hue was the best thing in the world just 8 months ago….

  22. A few years from now when he’s looking for a job, the phone calls from his agent to teams will go unanswered. Players still don’t get it that being a cancer is not good for your career. Threatening a GM isn’t looked upon too kindly and these fellow GMs talk to each other about cancers. Will players never learn from TO?

  23. Collins could threaten Gettleman on the field or… he could spend the better part of a week harassing and attacking him on Twitter.

  24. everybody crying about what he said and his “lack of class” probably supports every vile thing agent orange says

  25. It’s not the decisions Gettleman makes but the way he goes about them that leaves former players wanting to get payback. And I think Gettleman enjoys every minute of it so its all fun and games for him til he gets canned again.

  26. so when a player holds out for more money its just the business side of things. but when the team doesnt resign them its personal!

  27. It’s soundbites like this that make Gettleman look like a genius fir dumping these clowns.

  28. By his statement now it would be would be assault and he would go to jail. He should be suspended for his hate speech.

  29. I’m not so sure why this guy is so hurt. If you’re not a safety who can drop down and play CB like Adams, Derwin, Chung, and many others you aren’t going to get a big contract. Dumb signing by the Redskins.

  30. Quality players get attention by their play on the field. Landon Collins gets attention by running his mouth.

  31. Thats cool. That little quote can be one of the exhibits against him if he ever, under any guise, does anything physical to Gettleman. Honestly I think even the implied threat here will get a little closed door conversation.

  32. New Headline:

    25-year-old professional athlete physically threatens a 60-year-old cancer survivor.

  33. It was telling when Eli Apple became a productive member of the Saints after leaving the Giants.

    Collins was the true locker room cancer.

  34. Mr. Tyreke-Hill says:
    July 29, 2019 at 12:41 pm

    These ungrateful brats, should be sent back

    They appreciate your support!

  35. Now we know why Gettlemen didn’t want to sign him to a long-term deal. Can you blame him?

  36. When the Redskins come to MetLife, I hope Gettleman stands right on the sidelines and stares this punk down.

  37. Yeah, but Baker Mayfield talks like this all the time, and you people are fine with it.

  38. An absurd, child like comment from an adult that hasn’t learned to be a professional yet, sad.

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