Norv Turner sees fewer snaps, but not fewer touches, for Christian McCaffrey

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Last year Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey played 965 snaps of offense, which was by far the most snaps of any running back in the NFL. This year, Panthers offensive coordinator Norv Turner says, that needs to change.

Turner noted that he has coached several running backs who got the ball more than McCaffrey’s 326 touches in 2018, but Turner wants to give McCaffrey a breather more often.

“I’ve had six different guys who have had more than 400 touches. So he’s not even close to some of the guys I’ve been with,” Turner said. “He’s on the field 90 percent of the time. We need to get someone else on the field, but we’re not going to minimize his carries or touches.”

The Panthers didn’t add much to their backfield this offseason, so there aren’t a lot of great options behind McCaffrey on the depth chart. They may take him off the field a little more this season, but it’s also easy to see McCaffrey again leading the NFL in snap count for running backs in 2019.

6 responses to “Norv Turner sees fewer snaps, but not fewer touches, for Christian McCaffrey

  1. So, you’re tellin’ me that when he’s on the field he’s going to get the ball. I wouldn’t advertise that in my 5th-6th grade tackle football league much less the NFL.

  2. I remember disticntly he going on a 50+ yd run being tackled inside the 10.
    99% of the time that happens you see the RB come to the sideline for a play voluntarily. If the cameras show it you might even see them raise their hand.
    Not Run CMC he carried the ball into the endzone on the next play.
    Don’t worry about the mule just load the wagon

  3. Unfortunately CMC will have to deal with Camxs downfall and ruin his prime years.

  4. Funny Norv using the word minimize instead of reduce when he says they aren’t going to minimize Cmacs touches. A savvy and a bit cutesy response. The self-evident goal and reason we used a 5th round pick on Scarlett and signed Holyfield is to contribute and hopefully compliment Cmac.. They haven’t even seen Scarlett and Holyfield in a game and are already whining about getting 35 more touches per game for Cmac. Lets see what the rookies are capable of first. 35 touches and 96% of snaps may be a non-issue if these guys can transition to pro ball and Rivera is open to spreading the ball around like he says.

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