Report: Ezekiel Elliott heading to Mexico, amid lingering holdout

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Ezekiel Elliott is on the move to a place with an “X” in the name. But it ain’t Oxnard.

Kevin Turner of 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, the Cowboys’ flagship radio station, reports that Elliott is heading to Mexico. He’s going there to train, like he did during his six-game suspension in 2017.

PFT reported nine days ago that Elliott was making plans to leave the country during his holdout, if he did indeed decide to hold out. He obviously has, and this latest move reflects a degree of calm and resolve that underscores his leverage.

Earlier today, Jane Slater of the NFL reported that the team still hasn’t heard from Elliott’s agents in response to the offer that the Cowboys have made. They may be waiting a while, because time is clearly on Elliott’s side as he tries to get a new contract before showing up for his fourth NFL season.

45 responses to “Report: Ezekiel Elliott heading to Mexico, amid lingering holdout

  1. He better stock pile some urine samples before he goes. Not a real good move on his part.

  2. I can see this getting really ugly. The guy gets away with assault in the offseason and now demands leverage?

    He should be thanking Jerrah for the payoff to Goodell and the disappearance of Article 46.

  3. He better stock pile some urine samples before he goes. Not a real good move on his part.

    You know drugs are widely available in the United States, right?

  4. must be nice to tell your boss you arnt coming to work unless u get a raise and in the mean time i will be partying in mexico until u pay me.

  5. buffalosunshine says:
    July 29, 2019 at 2:48 pm
    no one should be on the side of the billionaire owner..


    Another guy who doesn’t understand the salary cap…. No team should pay a RB more than $8M per year. Better to pay a committee of RBs

  6. The Running Backs labor strike continues…. The man had almost 400 touches last year, so I understand trying to protect himself financially, he could suffer an injury this year and the cowboys could cut him after the season, and could be SOL as far as seeing another dime from the NFL.

  7. It is amazing to me to see people say “no one should side with the billionair owner. Yet they go to the game/watch the game/buy merchandise. all of which contributes to the owners wealth.
    then we have a running back that has been on the brink of disaster his whole football career holding out for more money. they said murray could not be replaced, enter zeke. proof that with the right line anyone in football shape can amass yards

  8. Going to Mexico to train. Haha. I’m going to south beach to work on my taxes

  9. Dallas really doesn’t have it together. How about pay Dak and pay Zeke and see what that gets you in the next 5 years. Putting your toe in the water isn’t going to win games. Put both feet. Make a decision and if it’s wrong then make another one.

  10. Best thing the Cowboys could do for a future generation of headaches (aka holdouts)…..don’t pay him. Let him sit and toil. The next 20 guys won’t dare think about doing it.

  11. What a great place to go to stay out of trouble. ha ha.
    Just wait for him to have a drink out the Mini Bar, and more drama.

  12. I hope they don’t give him a new deal, just look at all the trouble he’s been in during his first 3 years in the league?
    More money = More Problems! If they do cave not a dime guaranteed! He’s TOXIC!

  13. You could put anyone behind those offensive lineman and they would be successful. I say cut him. His career will be over soon enough. The man cant stay out of trouble.

  14. I guarantee you LeVeon Bell and Elliott will both be flat broke five years after they retire. Can somebody please remind me how much money Bell made last year?

  15. Dude has to report by Aug 6th (or somewhere around there) or he loses his ability to become a true free agent. Dallas can already wait 3 years before it really matters (2 years remain on his contract and a franchise year). Zeke really does not hold any cards here.

  16. Zeke knows that the Cowboys ran Demarcus Murray into the ground and never paid him. Say what you want but the man is smart and needs to get PAID!!!

  17. See ya. Make sure you have the right papers. It’s a lot harder to get in to Mexico than it is to sneak in the USA…

  18. Not a cowboys fan and generally side with players b/c I get the whole ‘get paid now’ sentiment. But do people not understand that there is a salary cap? So I get Zeke’s position. But which one of his teammates should give up their salary / future extension to pay him? Dallas will always spend to the cap (I think its ~$188M this year). But this isn’t a team being cheap.

    The reality is this — in a salary capped sport, every $1 you pay Zeke is one less $ for someone else on the roster. The Jones’ haven’t been that great at figuring out how to best allocate their salary cap $’s but as much as I hate Dallas, they are def. not a cheap organization. But salary cap is a real thing…

  19. C’mon, man … Mexico? You can’t even drink the water there.

    Play it safe, Zeke … go to the Dominican Republic!

  20. During a heat wave in the middle of summer, Mexico might not be my top choice.

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