Report: Josh Johnson turned down Ravens offer

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Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said on Monday that the team will definitely sign a new quarterback to fill the void created by Robert Griffin III‘s fractured right thumb, but it doesn’t look like it will be Josh Johnson.

Johnson worked out for the Ravens after Griffin was injured over the weekend and Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the team offered him a spot on the roster. Johnson reportedly decided that it was not the “right opportunity” for him because Griffin is expected to be healthy around the time the season begins.

With sixth-round pick Trace McSorley also on the roster, Johnson would likely prefer a spot with a team that would offer more job security into the regular season.

There’s been no word of other free agent quarterbacks on the Ravens’ radar. Matt Cassel, Brock Osweiler, Landry Jones, Austin Davis and Connor Cook are familiar names that have recently been employed by NFL teams. Colin Kaepernick is a familiar name that hasn’t been employed recently and, given how things played out in 2017, there’s little reason to think that will change this week.

11 responses to “Report: Josh Johnson turned down Ravens offer

  1. Surprised Johnson turned this down. He played for Jim Harbaugh in college, so John probably already thinks highly of him. Plus there are rumors of McSorley getting a Taysom Hill type role instead of being just a QB, so a chance for him to be the #2 or 3 QB all year.

  2. It bothers me to have to admit, the obvious truth is CK7 will not only NOT appear in a NFL uniform this season, but not in any season yet to come.

    To my minds eye, it’s an equal mix of what THE CURRENT REIGNING QB GURU stated, and Colin’s political stance (and unfortunately, more of Kyle Shanahan’s assessment than anything else. Just a refresher: Kyle sat with Colin way back when and they (including John Lynch) had a very open and up-front discussion of what Kyle desired in a QB, and what Colin brought to the table skill/ability wise. All agreed, there was not a good and proper fit. Colins read/react/run ability did NOT match Kyle’s desire for “pocket able QB” – and there in lies the rub. Kyle told CK7 he could not see having two distinct offenses: one for a read/run QB, and one for a standard pocket QB. And they parted company as gentlemen.

  3. I completely understand Johnson turning down the Ravens offer as he would most likely be cut after week 2 when Griffin is healthy. Kaepernick had his chance to sign with the Ravens a few years ago but his racist girlfriend ruined that. But lets stop serious, CK has no desire to play football anymore. He just wants to be a martyr.

  4. I guess Josh has never heard the phrase “beggars can’t be choosers.”

  5. “I don’t want to earn my way onto your roster by playing so well you have no choice but to keep me. I want someone to virtually guarantee me a spot no matter how crappy I play.”

  6. They’re just looking for a camp arm. There’s no realistic shot at making the roster once RG3 is healthy.

  7. Nobody is beating down his door to sign him and he says no! Dope. At the least, it was a chance to play in the pre-season games. Plus, as others have said, you never know with RG3. He has a tendency to get hurt.

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