Does Nathan Peterman have a real future with the Raiders?

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Quarterback Nathan Peterman, whose career to date has included historically bad performances, is performing for Raiders coach Jon Gruden in practice. So will Peterman ever perform for Gruden during games?

It’s an intriguing situation, given that Peterman makes this year 3.2 percent of the salary that the Raiders will pay to starter Derek Carr. Gruden inherited Carr; the coach selected Peterman. And it’s no surprise why Gruden gravitated to Peterman.

Gruden believed in Peterman, back when Gruden was an analyst and Peterman was a prospect.

“Peterman is ready to walk in and be a contributor from day one,” Gruden wrote for in early 2017, less than a year before returning to coaching. “He just looks like a pro quarterback — coming out of the huddle, running an offense with different formations, shifting, motioning, different patterns that other colleges don’t run. Peterman will recognize route combinations and associate formations. . . . Most importantly, he will be able to get in a huddle from day one and look at 10 grown men and tell them where to go and what to do and handle a versatile snap count.”

Gruden echoed those sentiments regarding Peterman in a pre-draft conference call before the last draft of Gruden’s coaching hiatus.

“He is sharp,” Gruden said. “He is in the channel, I think, of success. I think he’s going to be a real good pro quarterback. I think any team in the league, you can cater your offense for Peterman. He’s a lot more athletic than people think. And he can handle an extensive amount of football, so the teams that are really ambitious with deep, thick playbooks, those are the teams that Peterman would fit in with. But I hope he gets with one of those guys that can really stretch him and challenge him.”

The fact that Peterman, who played at Pitt (where Gruden once was an assistant coach), failed so badly elsewhere could make Gruden more determined to prove that he can reclaim Peterman. After all, Rich Gannon was a journeyman at best before hooking up with Gruden, who made Gannon into the league MVP the first year after Gruden left Oakland for Tampa Bay. (Yes, as hard as it may be to believe it now, but Rich Gannon won the league MVP award in 2002, at a time when Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Steve McNair, Mike Vick, and Drew Brees were starting quarterbacks.)

Maybe Gruden is cozying up to Peterman simply to put pressure on Carr to step up. Regardless, and as Raiders G.M. Mike Mayock admitted before the draft, the Raiders are constantly looking to upgrade at every position, including quarterback. Maybe, just maybe, Gruden can coach Peterman and career passer rating of 32.5 with three touchdown passes and 12 interceptions into an upgrade over Carr, who was an MVP candidate in 2016 but a middle-of-the-pack passer since then.

First, Peterman has to beat out Mike Glennon. If Peterman does, the question then becomes whether Peterman can become the guy who can run Gruden’s complex offense more efficiently and successfully than the guy who happened to be the incumbent quarterback when Gruden showed up.

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  1. Peterman can’t sniff Derek Carr’s jock strap. Ask any of the Raiders beat writers and they all say Carr is 4 steps ahead of all the other QBs.

  2. Let’s be clear abut this, Nathan Peterman is the type of guy who’s a Pro-Bowler in practice but absolutely disintegrates in a real game. We saw it last year where he played himself onto the Bills’ opening day roster with a pretty good pre-season only to be taken off the field by half time.

    He the kind of guy who you want running the scout team in practice versus your defense, not the one you want managing our offense on game day. He’ll probably make a pretty decent coach one day, but he is not an NFL quarterback.

  3. 1. Gruden doesn’t have a complex offense.
    2. The rest of the AFCW hopes Peterman has a real future with the Raiders.

  4. I hope he makes it the poor guy became a the butt of the media jokes and even a symbol of racism for some people. He’s is just a young guy trying to live a dream. Dream on

  5. “After all, Rich Gannon was a journeyman at best before hooking up with Gruden, who made Gannon into the league MVP the first year after Gruden left Oakland for Tampa Bay.”


    I would dispute that because Rich Gannon was a pretty good QB BEFORE he worked with Gruden. He had winning records in his starts with the Vikings & Chiefs. I would guess that more than a few Chiefs fans wish they had kept Gannon as the starter rather than Elvis Grbac 20 years ago.

    I would argue that Gannon as his QB (along with Brown & Rice as receivers and a good o-line) made Gruden look better as an offensive coach than vice versa (and those players were all acquired by Al Davis). Gruden failed to develop any QB he had in Tampa (that Super Bowl championship was won with Rich McKay & Tony Dungy’s defense). Ask Chris Simms.

  6. He failed, sure, but it was in Buffalo. What chance did he have? Look at the ex Bills that go to other teams and flourish. Hogan, Woods, Gilmore to name a few.

  7. Peterman isn’t as bad as his numbers indicate. The Bills had some bad receivers, who led the league in dropped passes. Several of his interceptions were balls that were tipped by the receiver that popped up . He also had some receivers turn the wrong way on timing routes, which makes it appear the QB is throwing to the DB. He is not a Superstar, but he has more talent then his stats show.

  8. Peterman does not have an NFL arm. Having him on offense is like playing the entire game in the red zone because the defense doesn’t need to defend more than 20 yards downfield. He might also be the only QB ever to *run* the ball on a Hail Mary attempt. (See: Bills vs. Bears, right before halftime.)

  9. He’s easily the best QB on the roster! Man ohhhh man, we are still feeling the effects from the Mack traded, the Bears completely fleeced us! We couldn’t get a QB with all those great draft picks from the Bears!?!

  10. Yeah The Raiders really messed up their draft picks from the Mack trade. I agree with the guy joetoronto above, the Raiders were utterly fleeced by the Bears. It’s going to be another disappointing season for the Raiders.

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