Jon Gruden: Nathan Peterman is growing on me

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Nathan Peterman has been the worst quarterback in the NFL over the last two years, but that doesn’t mean he’s out of work.

Peterman, who was cut by the Bills last year, is now on the Raiders. And coach Jon Gruden says Peterman is looking good in training camp.

Nate Peterman is growing on me,” Gruden said.

Peterman is competing with Mike Glennon to be Derek Carr‘s backup, and the Peterman-Glennon backup quarterback competition will be a major attraction to Hard Knocks for fans of terrible quarterback play.

In his two-year career Peterman has completed 68 of 130 passes for 548 yards, with three touchdowns and 12 interceptions. His 32.5 passer rating is by far the worst in the NFL for any quarterback with at least 100 passes over the last two years.

15 responses to “Jon Gruden: Nathan Peterman is growing on me

  1. Hahaha. I think that’s the problem. Looks good in practice horrible when playing against anyone except for his teammates. If hes looking good it may say more about how poor th4 Raides defense must look.

  2. Not only do we get to see Peterman and Glennon duking it out for backup reps, but there’s still time for Gruden to bring in a couple of his old faves in Manziel and Hackenberg in time for Hard Knocks.

  3. Nathan Peterman is a prototypical “Gruden Grinder”. A player with marginal talent who earns a roster spot by telling the “coaching genius” how great he is, what a privilege it is to play for him, etc.

    Gruden also has impeccable skills when it comes to judging young QB talent. After all, he proclaimed that Johnny Manziel was the best player in the entire 2014 draft.

  4. As a Bills fan I gave Peterman the benefit of doubt after a few of the bad performances, but after throwing so many picks there is nothing you can do but hope they yank him off the field ASAP. I wish him well, you see flashes of him being a competent NFL QB and then he throws another pick, hopefully he can turn it around in Oakland.

  5. Peterman always impresses in camp. That is why he makes the 53 man. It’s when the games count that he chokes on his own vomit.

  6. the Peterman-Glennon backup quarterback competition will be a major attraction

    That was a good one.

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