Larry Fitzgerald: I’ve never seen a rookie QB come in like Kyler Murray


Larry Fitzgerald has seen a lot in his 16 seasons with the Cardinals, but he hasn’t seen a quarterback like Kyler Murray.

Fitzgerald told former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner on NFL Network that Murray has taken over Arizona’s offense like no quarterback before him.

I’ve never seen a quarterback come in so quickly and be able to command an offense,” Fitzgerald said. “I mean, from Day 1, he’s out there checking the different plays, sliding the line, different protections, getting us in screens when blitzes are coming. His understanding of the offense is crazy. I mean, from Day One. I think that’s going to give us a great advantage, to play fast from the first preseason game all the way to the start of the regular season and giving him the keys to the car and letting him is going to be great for us.”

The knock on Murray coming into the NFL was that his size would be a liability when facing live defenses — something he doesn’t face in training camp. So we need to see Murray in a game before we can draw any conclusions about him. But in the protective red jersey in training camp, Murray has impressed.

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  1. I usually have strong opinions, one way or another, about the top QB prospects coming into the NFL, but with Mureay, I honestly dont know what to think or expect.

  2. I feel so sorry for Fitz. He never got to play on a decent team, even the year the Cards went to the Super Bowl (and lost). He’s been such a great player, but he never had much talent around him. Football truly is a team game, and the Cards have been a woeful team for a long, long time.

  3. We’ve heard all this before about how many busts? Not saying Murray will be another in a long line of them, but there’s only one thing that matters. Winning on gameday. Hopefully for Fitz, this guy will be that guy.

  4. In Fitz’s defense the rookie QB’s he’s seen come in were McCown, Leinart, Skelton, Max Hall, and Ryan Lindley. The Cards have been so incompetent when it comes to drafting QB’s it’s fair to say at this point Lamar Jackson’s rookie year probably looked impressive to poor Fitz

  5. Seeing the rookie quarterbacks Fitz been around it probably aren’t hard to accomplish. It’s not hard to be better than the likes of John Navarre, Matt Leinart, John Skelton, Ryan Lindley, Max Hall, Logan Thomas, Jeff Mathews, Chad Kanoff, and Josh Rosen

  6. mlhigh says:
    July 30, 2019 at 8:03 pm
    This is quite a disclosure from the normally quiet Fitz who chooses his words very carefully.
    It’s his last year and he wants some touches…and he needs the kid’s confidence as high as possible before he starts taking hits.

  7. One year wonder. When the NFL defensive coordinators get a year of film on him it will be lights out.

  8. Such cynics… I would take Fitz at his word. He certainly didn’t gush about Rosen last year. Continue to hate on Kyler. If were that bad, the word would be out already. This isn’t the first time we’ve this. Vick had success and if he actually put in the work and was not lazy, he could have been great. Kyler will not cheat the game. This will be something amazing!
    While Kyler is a dropback passer with running skills, “running” QBs actually have a higher winning percentage than normal dropback passers. Plently dropback passers come into the NFL, fail immediately and never thought of again. The guys that run get some much attention, like Tebow, Vick and V. Young actually have winning records, but since they don’t win a SB, they are called failures.

  9. I hope he is good enough to beat Seattle twice in the upcoming season.

  10. Many doubters. This kid has a tremendous arm and threw plenty of long accurate passes from the pocket. I expect him to succeed. He’s got a similar skillset to Mahomes.

  11. Larry’s had some 22 different QB’s throw to him during his NFL career.
    Seems like he oughta know.

  12. Im actually going to watch Cardinals games this year to see if this Leach offense will work.

  13. MURRAY will be running for his life after he gets hit by a three hundred pound defensive player who can run as fast and crush him too the turf and be like C NEWTON whining why am I getting get so hard I cant take this. I can see it now his body flying one way and the ball the other. WELCOME TO THE CARDINAL GRAVEYARD!!

  14. He was saying the same kind of things about Rosen last year, look it up… I’ll believe it when I see it

  15. To be honest he shows a lot of good things he has a few miss ques in some drills but cards kind of controlling what comes about how good he really is which is good but what a lot of the media is missing on when it comes to what to expect from the cards are the other rookies keesean,Byron,Isabella, even hakeem butler is starting to show signs of what he can bring to the table all these are things are becoming major stories and the biggest stories not being talked about is how good fitz Kirk and d.j actually look in this offense!!! the deffenes is going to be a little harder to decider what they are until we get closer to the start of the seaon but the offens is starting to peak it’s ugly head at its hard as a fan not to start thinking about how good we can be biggest concern is can we get past the 3 months until pp21 comes back and can this oline hold up and be healthy as opposed to last year

  16. “So we need to see Murray in a game before we can draw any conclusions about him.”…really?
    That benefit was NEVER said for Mayfield, Darnold, Rosen, or Allen.
    Why is Murray being protected?
    Will Daniel Jones be given this same protection by the media? If not then WHY not?
    Due to the media overhype and abject refusal to criticize Murray, I am already rooting against Murray.

  17. Good to hear, hopefully the Cardinals didn’t waste another pick and can become relevant again. Rams 9ers and Seahags had two easy wins a year.

  18. We all know he was a excellent college QB not one single doubt. But the NFL is not the Big 12 where defense is optional so we will see.

    But that being said let’s withhold judgement until the regular season starts before we talk about if he is a bust or the next big thing.

  19. I wish Murray the best; I don’t know what to think about him but he will get plenty of reps in preseason for all of us to get a better read on him.

  20. Wait a second …a QB in Murray who played for this Coach already and knows the system looks good in practice , no pads and no pass rush …..I can’t wait for the Cardinals smackdown week one . The story line very different following the smackdown …Would the Cardinals use a first round pick on a QB three years in a row?

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