Lawsuit accuses Cowboys, police of covering up severity of Ezekiel Elliott car accident

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When the holdout of running back Ezekiel Elliott became official, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones mentioned his support of Elliott in connection with his 2017 suspension. There’s another incident that could comes to mind for Jones, if the allegations of a new lawsuit are true.

Via, the civil action filed regarding a January 2017 car accident involving Elliott claims that the Cowboys “conspired with the Frisco Police Dept. to cover up the severity of the accident to assure that Elliott’s health would not be placed in question before their playoff game.”

The lawsuit includes an inflammatory contention that will be very hard to prove in court: “If anyone had actually reported the impact of the accident and had Elliott been examined he would have most likely been placed in concussion protocol and out for the Dallas Cowboys upcoming playoff game.” (Elliott played in the game, an eventual loss to the Packers, rushing for 125 yards on 22 attempts.)

The plaintiff claims that, after the accident, Cowboys running backs coach Gary Brown arrived on the scene and said, “We will take care of everything.” The plaintiff claims that his injuries have not been taken care of; he’s seeking $20 million in damages from the team and from Elliott.

“Ezekiel Elliott believes he’s above the law,” the plaintiff’s attorney, Larry Friedman, told TMZ. “He doesn’t follow any rules. As a citizen and a member of our community he has a duty to obey the law and act responsibly, especially while driving a motor vehicle. . . . There are no exemptions for running backs or members of the Dallas Cowboys.

“He has admitted liability in this case but refuses to take responsibility as he has refused to take responsibility on so many other occasions when he has disobeyed the law.”

It’s unclear how the Cowboys actually owe the plaintiff anything, even if the allegation of a coverup is true. The incident would have been handled by Elliott’s insurance company. To the extent the injuries exceed the amount of his insurance coverage (it would have been stupid for Elliott to not have a $10 million umbrella policy), Elliott would have direct responsibility to the plaintiff.

Unless the Cowboys owned the car or Elliott was driving the car as part of his employment duties or the Cowboys in some other way caused or contributed to the accident and ensuing injuries, it will be difficult if not impossible to impose liability on the team. Because Friedman says Elliott has admitted liability, the plaintiff apparently won’t be claimiing that the alleged coverup would have prevented police from citing Elliott for being at fault.

Surely, the plaintiff doesn’t believe that Brown’s statement that the Cowboys “will take care of everything” became a commitment to write a check to the plaintiff for his injuries.

There’s also a threshold question regardless the timeliness of the suit, since the accident happened more than two-and-a-half years ago. In Texas (as in most states), the statute of limitations for a personal injury case is two years. Unless an agreement was obtained to waive the statute of limitations in order to allow settlement talks to continues, there’s a chance the lawsuit was filed too late — if it was indeed filed recently and not before the two-year anniversary of the accident.

53 responses to “Lawsuit accuses Cowboys, police of covering up severity of Ezekiel Elliott car accident

  1. How does it go about a tangled web being weaved?! That and chickens coming home to roost?!

    This guy has NO leverage with 2 years on his contract and continued low-rent behavior! Now he’s dragged the organization into it!

    That’s a lot of baggage for the biggest Yard Gnome I’ve ever seen!

  2. I have to admit, although I often disagree with Florio’s football opinions, I read his legal opinions with great interest. It’s enlightening to have a lawyer explain the finer points of these types of posts.

  3. I commented earlier, other than on the field, when the name Of Zeke Elliott; it usually is surrounded in controversy. This, if true, shows no sense of loyalty to the Cowboys. And I suspect this is true. Trade this waste of humanity

  4. Putting the cart before the horse. He should gave started with a suit that alleges he was strung along for 30 months that he would have been taken care of in lieu of a report. Has to have something on phone or such. That would open the current allegations and include the team.

    If he just waited 30 months, hoping, that is on him. He is just fishing for a settlement then.

  5. Wait a minute. Statute of limitations is 2yrs. 2 1/2 yrs later an attorney files a personal injury lawsuit for an absurd amount. This reeks of nothing more than a publicity stunt and free advertising for the lawyer. Unless documentation was issued waiving the statute of limitations, this lawyer should be disbarred for unethical practices. Knowing full well the law, and knowing the court of public opinion has already convicted Elliot and awarded the plaintiff, he went ahead and filed a frivolous lawsuit. BS.

  6. I’m confused. Why is he being sued again? If Zeke had insurance, and he admitted liability, wouldn’t his insurance company take care of damages?

    This doesn’t make any sense. It sounds like he suing just to sue.

  7. In Texas, plaintiff must sue the defendant, but the insurance company is the one on the hook to policy limits or limits of umbrella policy, although the word “insurance” will NEVER be mentioned if the matter goes to trial. Cowboys and police should be dismissed from the action.

  8. “It’s unclear how the Cowboys actually owe the plaintiff anything”

    really? You literally explained why 3 paragraphs earlier.

    “Cowboys running backs coach Gary Brown arrived on the scene and said, “We will take care of everything.””

    That is why the Cowboys are part of the lawsuit.

  9. It sounds like Zeke admitted that he caused the accident and said he would pay for the damages to avoid it being on his record or insurance, but has since been a deadbeat and not paid. The cover-up aspect is more like Zeke and maybe the Cowboys doing a cover-up to avoid a trip to New York and a visit with Roger about Zeke’s continual behavior issues. If he didn’t report to the NFL he may not to need to worry about holding out anymore, Roger may just give him the season off or a pat on back (it is really hard to tell with Roger).

  10. There may be some truth to this but once I hit the part where the plantif’s injuries haven’t been taken care of yet. 2 years and you haven’t gotten your injuries taken care of via insurance? This thing stinks to high heaven. If it was THAT bad you could involve your insurance company and they will be like a bulldog on a bone to get paid. It’s not like they don’t know who hit you.

  11. Never heard anything about this before today. But, it’s just more negative news regarding the Ewok. I’d trade him. T R A D E. And I still ain’t paying Dak $30+ Million.

  12. Someone just tell zeke to tweet “no obstruction, witch hunt” a zillion times until his idiot followers believe him. Oh, that only works for the president. cowboys fans aren’t as dumb as trump supporters.

    hitit49 says:
    July 30, 2019 at 5:44 pm
    Obstruction is a serious crime

  13. This is what happens when you don’t make these players pay a price for their actions, they feel empowered and things continue to get worse.

    The Cowboys should receive a major fine and loss of draft picks, but you know as well as I do that nothing will happen.

  14. “Ezekiel Elliott believes he’s above the law,” the plaintiff’s attorney, Larry Friedman, told TMZ.

    Pretty much sums it up.

  15. NOW THE DIRT COMES FLYING! PASS THE POPCORN. (and which Jones lawyer got in touch with the plaintiff to file these charges)? Look at the timing. Like the GREAT Paul Newman said in “The Color Of Money” movie…. “It’s a study of human moves” and this fits that narrative to a T and anyone who give me a thumbs down never saw the dang movie because this was right out of the character Paul Newman character played. Dallas sends contract, no response, he goes to Mexico during training camp… LAWSUIT FILED. If you can’t follow this thread then YOU JUST DON’T GET IT AND YES I’M YELLING BECAUSE IT IS SO OBVIOUS !!!

  16. “that will be very hard to prove in court”

    Thats the key phrase right there. I will admit none of it would surprise me if true, not about him, not about what the team would do (to be fair what I think a lot of them would do). But until such time as they actually do prove it to be true its just not stuff that should be gotten into. If thats on any level lucky for Zeke then so be it. Also, this suit kind of smells bad to me. Something about it is sticking in my filter. Im not feeling a lot of credibility on that side either.

  17. The guy has this cloud thats followed him around from day 1 in the league, and u wanna now pay him tons of money? No thanks

  18. That’s an interesting theory but I have no idea how those allegations are relevant to a personal injury lawsuit. Either the plaintiff got injured or not and either the player and/or team are liable or not.

  19. Another reason for me to hate Dallas!!! Always talking about going to the Super Bowl but when they dont make it….A boat load of excuses!!!

  20. The timing of this suit ….. designed to make Zeke look bad (I know, easy to do). Looking bad during a big contract negotiation could only favor the team. Leverage….

  21. Why do you think Michael Irvin still finds work?


    Great point. Media coverage was much more sparse during his prime as a partier, and he benefited from playing on a winning team as well. Imagine if social media was around then.

  22. Sooner or later attorneys need to be held accountable for lawsuits that have no merit. Although, it does make you chuckle saying Ezekiel Elliot and accountability in the same sentence…aw heck, pass the popcorn!!

  23. They barely swapped paint and Hill refused medical attention as reported by FPD. Both vehicles drove away from the scene. He has zero grounds for the lawsuit and Hill is looking for a quick payday hoping someone, Zeke or the organization, to settle out of court. $20 million? Laughable to say the least. Also the impact was recorded in the police record so nothing was covered up eitherway which makes the lawsuit even more ridiculous. Sounds like Hill didnt file his claim with Zeke’s insurance company which is his own damn fault.

  24. (it would have been stupid for Elliott to not have a $10 million umbrella policy…So, when has Zeke shown us any actions off the field that would Not be considered to be…stupid ?

  25. “Surely, the plaintiff doesn’t believe that Brown’s statement that the Cowboys “will take care of everything” became a commitment to write a check to the plaintiff for his injuries.”

    Ok, then what DOES that statement mean?

  26. Time for Zeke to bow his head, tuck his tail between his legs, sign WHATEVER offer Jerry sent him, and show up to play football.

  27. Frivolity!! – lawsuit is with Elliot’s insurance company until Elliot’s limit of liability is used up. Doesn’t sound like there’s any cover up of the accident, only an effort to keep Elliot eligible to play. That’s between the Cowboys and Elliott. The Cowboys should sue this guy for $100 million, if indeed they are 4 billion they could say that’s the economic effect this frivolous lawsuit will have on the team.

  28. How would a plaintiff in a car accident be able to benefit if the Cowboys did cover up a concussion that Elliot sustained. This lawsuit makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Also how did the injured part sustain $20 million in damages? I am not sure about the Texas legal code but typically there is real property damage (I doubt this persons car cost more than a max of $100K), medical bills (let’s say another $100K) and then potential pain and suffering . . . that would have to be some serious injuries to create $19.8 million of pain and suffering. Look Elliot is a first class top tier NFL running back while also being a first class top tier tool in his everyday life, even his haircut and beard make him look like a first class top tier arzehole . . . but this is a blatant money grab by the guy Elliot happened to hit.

  29. Even the ambulance-chasing lawyer is only claiming a possible concussion for Elliott. This sounds like a minor to moderate crash. And while the police may have wanted to keep things quiet that would have been considerably harder to do if cars were torn apart and people were being rushed to the hospital like you’d imagine would be the case for $20 million in damages. It’d be interesting to know what exactly this guy’s damages are.

  30. The Cowboys have way better lawyers than this guy. It will never settle just fight it for the next 15 years. Or settle for 20$

  31. “He has admitted liability in this case but refuses to take responsibility as he has refused to take responsibility on so many other occasions when he has disobeyed the law.”

    Counter with a slander suit on the lawyer.

    Was there an accident? Yes. Was it reported that there was an accident? Yes. Was it reported that Zeke was involved in the accident? Yes.
    So, when does “severity” come into play on a police report? Did they change the projected MPH’s? There needs to be more here for this case to not be laughed out of court already.

    Believing you’re above the law is not in itself illegal. Behaving like you are above the law in 2019 is probably not as effective as it was in 1975.

  32. officialgame says:
    July 30, 2019 at 5:26 pm
    Jerry Jones would toss his mother out of a high-rise window if it meant an extra win.
    He would never do that…unless it meant an extra dollar!

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