Report: A.J. Green expected to miss regular-season games


When news broke this morning that A.J. Green underwent ankle surgery, it seemed at least a possibility the Bengals receiver could miss some regular-season games.

That, indeed, is the case.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL reports that “based on what they found cleaning out the ankle, [Green] is now expected to miss a few games.”

Bengals coach Zac Taylor confirmed the team doesn’t expect Green back in time for the season opener.

“There’s a good chance he’s going to miss a couple games,” Taylor said after Rapoport’s report, via Joe Danneman of Fox19. “We’re hopeful he’s back at the beginning of the season. A little more extensive than we initially thought.”

Green injured his ankle while the team held a training camp practice in Dayton as part of the league-wide celebration of the NFL’s 100th season, as the first game in NFL history was played in Dayton. Although turf conditions have come under scrutiny, the Bengals say they did not contribute to Green’s injury.

The receiver is in the final year of his deal, making $12 million in base salary and counting $15.2 million against the salary cap in 2019. Green has six 1,000-yard seasons in his eight seasons but had a career-low 694 receiving yards in 2018 when he played only nine games.

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  1. Sucks for AJ and the Bengals, but he won’t be missed by me at the Bills home opener week 3. If he doesn’t have a strong close to his season this could set him back tens of millions for what I’m assuming will be his last contract for his career. He turns 31 tomorrow.

  2. CB fell on his ankle. There’s cellphone video confirmation here in Cincy that was on local news last night. Tough break for a classy professional. Wasn’t the turf at Dayton facility imo/video. Clear that Fitzpatrick landed on it. Ankle rolled inside, high ankle sprain.

  3. I’m not too concerned this is a non contending year for the Bengals anyways. This is more about establishing Taylor and getting him in. If I had to guess they’ll go between 5-11 and 7-9 now that AJ is out for most likely the first month of the season.

  4. Now… they can ONCE AGAIN blame it all on Andy Dalton

    (even though… ONCE AGAIN… he doesn’t have any protection or weapons).

  5. an owner that was concerned about winning would at least consider signing Crabtree or Bryant I’m thinking he doesn’t even know who they are

  6. Mike Brown needs to sell the team. Whoever buys it should then do the smart thing and move the team to the biggest city on the North American continent; Mexico City. The team would treble in value overnight, you have a massive stadium, a fanbase that knows the game, geographically easier to travel to than London and they can have “home games” in other cities around Mexico.

  7. I stick by my initial comment 10 weeks min and even when he returns he’ll only be 80% for the rest of the season

  8. lizzyisnoindian says:
    July 30, 2019 at 8:40 pm
    I stick by my initial comment 10 weeks min and even when he returns he’ll only be 80% for the rest of the season


    In other words, he will still play in more games than Carson Wentz this coming season

  9. Unless they are somehow playing well, they really need to trade him when he gets back. He is 31, last year of the deal and they aren’t close to winning jack.

  10. Looks like a Patriots reclamation project…..
    Maybe AJ wants to try for a ring next year, maybe even make a trade this year while he’s out recovering??
    Player swap & a couple picks like Dorsett & 4th & 6th or Berrios & the same 2 picks?

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