Baker Mayfield on receivers: We have to have open communication right now

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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield got upset with the team’s wide receivers during a training camp practice over the weekend for not coming back to the ball when he was scrambling and he said on Wednesday that his on-field reaction was followed by further conversation.

Mayfield said “he’s not going to be a jackass” and that he talks to his teammates after practice any time he harps on something on the field. He said it was all part of making sure that all parties are on the same page by the time the regular season gets underway.

“Those guys know that’s a big part of our offense. And they know that,” Mayfield said. “It’s just the fact that if we get lazy and let things slide — we need to be open to communicating right now. That’s what the good teams do.”

Mayfield believes it’s a good thing for everyone to “see it from their perspective and mine” as part of those communications and we’ll see if they help lift the Browns up to the ranks of the good teams in the next few months.

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  1. I think this is outstanding leadership. A QB and his receivers have to talk, and communication has to be constant and ongoing if they want to achieve success. It’s not being a jackass to hold your teammates to the same standards that you embody. A real leader understands that communication is everything. The teams that communicate–and then perform based on the understanding that such communication creates–are the teams that have a better chance of winning. I like what Mayfield is doing, and I look for big things from the Browns this year.

  2. This is why Beckham was a bad idea. Baker is a demonstrative personality and there is nothing wrong with that in this profession but Beckham isn’t going to simply follow his lead.

    For those that say he doesn’t inspire trust, what makes you think that? From everything that has been reported or from what I have seen he is a very strong leader that teammates rally behind. I don’t think he has the talent but he can lead a team. You think these guys care about that one incident in college? We all have a dozen stories like that from those days.

  3. OBJ went from Eli who probably never said anything to him, to Mayfield who is going to chew him out.

    watch out kicker nets


  4. Not a Browns fan but if I was I would be darn excited about having this guy for QB. He has the moxy. Reminds me of Favre in a way. Stuff that cant be taught.

  5. I think it takes a QB a few solid years to know for sure if he is the real deal. One hit wonders all through league history… I do respect this dude and think they finally got this one right..

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