Cowboys will have league-high 20 open preseason practices


Soon after the Cowboys began play in 1960, they had someone dedicated to answering fan mail. They also trained outside Texas to expose the franchise to other areas. They made sure they joined the NFC East, so their games would be on in the biggest markets.

It is among the things that turned the Cowboys into America’s Team and the world’s most valuable sports franchise.

Some things have changed, but making training camp accessible to one and all is something that hasn’t.

On Wednesday, the Cowboys announced the dates and times of their open practices in Texas when they return from California. They will have five open practices at their home training facility in Frisco beginning Aug. 20 after holding 15 open practices in Oxnard, California.

That gives the Cowboys a league-high 20 open training camp practices, one more than the Broncos. The Eagles have only one open practice in training camp, and the Raiders have none open to the public.

9 responses to “Cowboys will have league-high 20 open preseason practices

  1. Not only did the Bears fleece us with the Mack trade because we didn’t get a replacement or a serviceable QB in the draft, but the Cowboys fleeced my Raiders too now that Amari is gone!!

    Going to be another long miserable season in Oakland.

  2. Jerry gets it! You have to build a relationship with your customers that is more than a simple ticket sale. He’s giving away access to players to fans for free KNOWING he’s building life-long customers who want to keep coming back.

    I am not fan of Jerry or the Cowboys football team, but I respect the ingenuity and intelligence in building their brand and customer loyalty. Contrast them to third tier teams and you can understand why the Cowboys are so valuable.

  3. phillycheez says:
    July 31, 2019 at 2:49 pm
    Just like everything else Jerry does, this is driven by the almighty dollar.
    Even if they are charging for practices (although it doesn’t say they are), why wouldn’t you want to increase your team’s interaction with the fans? Seems like a win-win.

  4. I live in the San Fernando Valley, and attended at least one practice each year the Cowboys trained in Oxnard. They do not charge for attendance, and the parking fees go to the local organizations and the local high schools do the concessions. Last year, they had to move most parking to a nearby high school and shuttle buses were provided. I make it a point to get some carne asada tacos there, always amazing!

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