Le’Veon Bell: Pick me first in fantasy this year


After apologizing to fantasy owners for sitting out last season, Jets running back Le'Veon Bell said today that people who draft him this year will not be sorry.

Asked where he should be picked in fantasy this year, Bell didn’t hesitate: “First.”

Bell said the Jets’ offense is going to give him plenty of opportunities to make big plays.

“As long as this offense does what this offense is going to do, I think anybody could be a No. 1 fantasy guy,” he said. “We’ve got so much talent.”

Bell said he doesn’t regret that he skipped the entire 2018 season in a contract dispute with the Steelers, but he does feel badly for people who drafted him in fantasy without realizing how far apart he and the Steelers were.

“I don’t regret sitting out last year, but I wish I could have told fantasy owners some type of way, ‘I’m not playing this year,’ so they wouldn’t have picked me,” Bell said. “That’s the thing I’m apologizing for, a lot of people picked me not even knowing if I was coming back. That’s what I was really sorry about, not because I sat out, but not being able to communicate that to fantasy owners, that I’m not playing. A lot of people feel like they wasted their money. So, I’m sorry again.”

Most fantasy players won’t pick Bell first this year. Even if he’s doing his best to make the case that they should.

41 responses to “Le’Veon Bell: Pick me first in fantasy this year

  1. Wait till the fist “real” game when the season starts and REALITY sets in. Bell… look in the mirror. Look who’s jersey you are wearing. Steeped in a LEGACY OF LOSING. You walked on the Black and Gold and now your going to end up back and blue. I hope the money is worth it.

  2. yeah sure, hey have fun being patient behind that O-line LOL. you’re not in
    Pittsburgh anymore. Bell won’t finish as a top 5 fantasy back

  3. Steelers have one of the top OL in the NFL. He was playing with a future HoF QB and with two Pro-Bowl WRs. Good luck repeating the stats with the Jets….

  4. I have been playing fantasy football for over a dozen years, and Bell, when playing real football, has been a top fantasy RB. With that said, no RB or other NFL pro should care at all about fantasy football or what happens in it.

  5. I’m going to pass on that suggestion. Bell’s not going to have other threats to open things up for him. The defensive game plan will revolve around stopping Bell because nobody else on that team scares anyone

  6. Le’Veon Bell doesn’t have walls in his house. He has mirrors so he can look at himself 100% of the time.
    On the ceilings, he has giant photos of himself.

  7. “As long as this offense does what this offense is going to do, I think anybody could be a No. 1 fantasy guy,” he said. “We’ve got so much talent.”

    Wait a minute – he does know he’s playing for the JETS, right???

  8. As long as this offense does what this offense is going to do, I think anybody could be a No. 1 fantasy guy,” h

    Every offense is going to do what they are going to do..

  9. The Jets will be out of contention before Halloween. We’ll see how much effort he puts in after then.

  10. Heck with this fantasy stuff

    “… but I wish I could have told fantasy owners some type of way, ‘I’m not playing this year,’…

    Hey, Le’Veon, I wish you could have told the reality Steelers owners, AND your teammates, some type of way that you weren’t going to play, instead of leading them on from the start of the season up until the last game for you to report, when you actually showed up in Pittsburgh, but still did not report.

    Have you apologized to any of your former teammates yet???

  11. LOL. He’s funny even when he isn’t trying to be. He is NOT going to be happy he signed with the Jets. That’s fair because before September is over the Jets will be wondering why they signed him.

    Look at James Conner last year. The Steelers barely missed him. They weren’t great because of Bell. Bell was great because he was on a great team. He apparently doesn’t realize that yet. I’ll be surprised if he gets 1,000 yards this year. I’ll also be surprised if he doesn’t miss half the season due to “injuries” or a suspension. He obviously wasn’t paying attention to what happened to DeMarco Murray. DeMarco was on a good team and put up some big numbers. Then he chased the money and was out of the league in a few years without coming close to the same degree of success. The same will happen to Bell. Then I wonder if he’ll realize throwing away $14M was such a good idea.

  12. To be fair, my first round picks tend to either get hurt or underperform. But I don’t INTENTIONALLY set out looking for guys who I think will go that way.

  13. I wouldn’t pick him first because of the uncertainty of how he will be after skipping a whole year. Will he be rusty? Will he get injured? Or will he back to normal? It’s too uncertain for a #1 overall pick.

  14. dickshotdogs says:
    August 1, 2019 at 12:22 pm
    “…..me first.” That’s all you need to know.
    And there it is… “me first”

    He won’t make it through the season without either an injury or strike 3…

  15. After picking him second last season, Me’veon is on my “do not draft” list this season.

  16. In this guy’s mind its the National Le’veon Bell League and all the other players are just there to make him look good.

  17. the only things i would put Bell 1st would be: 1.) selfish crybaby. 2.) 1st in line to sit out.
    when he does’nt do well this year, it will be the o lines’ fault, not the fact that he is a year older and sat out all last season.

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