Robert Quinn on anthem protests: They were not to cause distraction


Panthers safety Eric Reid said earlier this week that he will continue to kneel during the national anthem as a protest against social injustice. Robert Quinn was asked Thursday if he would continue with his protest despite playing on a team that discourages protests during the national anthem.

Quinn, who now plays for the Cowboys after a trade from the Dolphins in the offseason, has raised a fist during the national anthem since 2016 when he was with the Rams. The Cowboys are one of the few teams never to have had a player protest during the national anthem.

Quinn sounds as if he has made a decision.

“When this all started, the media took it and made it their own message, took away from the point we were trying to get across,” Quinn said, via David Moore of the Dallas Morning News. “People talked about it as disrespecting the flag, and they’re missing the message. It was not to cause distraction; it was to bring awareness to a situation that constantly gets thrown under the rug. So all we talk about now is war, killing and negativity. If all you talk about is negativity, guess what you’re going to bring into the world?

“One day I woke up and just said, ‘If you want to bring positivity into the world, you’ve got to find peace, love and happiness within yourself.’ If you live be peace, love and happiness, this can be a better world.”

Quinn then laughed.

“Y’all weren’t expecting that one, huh?” he said.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told Newy Scruggs of NBC 5 on Sunday night that he and Quinn have not had a conversation about it.

“I think . . . our position is very clear, and it will remain clear,” Jones told Scruggs. “We want to recognize the social issues that Robert wants to make people aware of. We want to recognize those, but the Cowboys stand for the flag when we get ready to play football.”

35 responses to “Robert Quinn on anthem protests: They were not to cause distraction

  1. Of course they were to cause a distraction. In truth, they weren’t to protest any injustices. They actually are protesting against individual accountability for one’s own choices and actions…

  2. I’m glad that Quinn is following the lead of the President in spreading love, peace & happiness. He’s a good American. He can stay.

  3. You guys and your anthem protest caused this hot mess, we didn’t misunderstand your message. You choose the wrong platform and the wrong way to have your message heard. You’d be alot better off picking a different way to get your point across.

  4. These guys chose the wrong platform st the end of the day. On your days off, go to the streets and clean them up. Let me guess, you got better stuff to do on your days off. That’s exactly why it doesn’t happen cause it’s really not a priority.
    If these protesters would hit the streets the media would be all over it. Guaranteed!!

  5. Here come the pseudo patriots talking about how the players were wrong. Face it, the NFL had nothing in place that prevented them from protesting and they chose their platform. The funny thing is that while it was talked about, if it wasn’t for the tweeter-in-cheif gabbing instead of pretending to be president, the issue would have died away shortly after it started. But yeah blame the players.

  6. Nothing to see here. Dead horse from the git-go for people who need something to get their undies twisted over.

  7. Yes Robert that’s what happens when you can’t define your own message…others will define it for you, whether you like it or not. To this point the “take a knee” movement has never successfully defined their message because they still have no idea what it is.

    When Lesean McCoy was rolling around on the field during the National Anthem, was he trying to ‘convey a message’ or was he acting like a clueless, spoiled child?…because that is certainly the “message” he sent.

  8. So during the National Anthem, on the job they are being paid to do, is the only time they can make a statement about social injustice? If they wanted attention, they got it only the wrong kind. He’s making millions. What is he doing with those millions to combat social injustice? He could be airing TV ads on CNN or ESPN and reach MILLIONS more people then just the 60 – 70,000 people in a football stadium with a clearly defined message…. but these millionaires just choose to kneel or raise their fists… because it doesn’t cost anything.
    I agree with the message … just not the way it is being delivered by the messenger.

  9. Cause a distraction is EXACTLY what you & the other idiots did with your so-called protests.

  10. So what did he expect to happen? A distraction is a distraction, regardless of how the media spun it. The players’ goal was to ‘distract’ viewers and fans from the national anthem to protest social injustice and make people aware of the issue.

    If they didn’t want to create a distraction then they should’ve stood normal or hand to chest like everyone else.

  11. We want to recognize those, but the Cowboys stand for the flag when we get ready to play football.
    A statement like that should have been made by every team.

    To the self-labeled lowlife who said the NFL didn’t have anything in place, that is not accurate. There were several lines in policies that disallowed it. The issue wasn’t a lack of direction or standard, it was about a lack of a backbone because the NFL tried to play the field with PR until it was too late to stop the snowball. Sound leadership should have prevented the drama and elevated the player’s message in different ways that didn’t alienate millions of fans and pit two factions against each other.

  12. The purpose of a protest is to draw attention to something that the protester feels is unjust. Drawing attention to something is by default a distraction to something else.

    Whether you agreed with the reason for the protest or the nature of the protest it was definitely a distraction from football.

  13. The people who are offended by anthem protests are also the least concerned about social justice, and the anthem protests served to bring those uncaring people together to care about hurting others more than it brought awareness to any issues. That’s the sad world we live in.

    I support Robert’s message and I think playing the national anthem before sporting events is kinda weird and misplaced, sandwiched between warmups and beer commercials.

  14. I dunno. Maybe because you ARE disrespecting the flag and the men and women who died for your freedom. The flag has nothing to do with racism and you picked the wrong way to make a stand, or lack there of. If you don’t support the flag, you don’t support the country so just leave. Pretty simple.

  15. I think it’s sad that there are people that only see death and war when they look at our flag.

    I see freedom and hope myself. But it’s within your right to only see war and conquest. We don’t have to agree. And that’s exactly what freedom is. The freedom to disagree with no physical or financial consequence. To each there own.

  16. I don’t want to hear this stuff that Eric Reid and Robert Quinn are selling.
    They can say what they want but as a man whose great grandfather fought in the Civil War to preserve the Union, a grandfather who fought in WWI, a father who was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed and also fought at Corregidor in the Philippines (where he lost his hearing because of the artillery) and then he put a total of 20 years in the Army, and as a guy who had three brothers who also served in the military, and as a guy who was in the Army myself, Quinn and all the others picked the wrong time to protest and the wrong place. You don’t disgrace our National Anthem or our flag — ever — and you have no right to protest your political beliefs at your place of employment.
    I’d love it if these millionaire were forced to live in another country without their millions for a while or have to serve in the military and be sent to someplace like the Middle East for a year or so, then they’d see what social injustice is.
    If a cop is a dirty or racist cop, I’d be the first guy to say let’s lock him away and throw away the key. But these clowns threw a blanket over all of law enforcement and painted then all as racists. And, they never admit that every nationality on this planet has racists.
    I wonder if they would have joined the millions who were angry in NY City years ago when then Presidential candidate Jesse Jackson called NY City “Hymie-town”?

  17. Everyone saying “Do it on your own time”, search Robert Quinn Community Service. The fact that you just criticized this man without knowing that he walks the walk is proof positive that they needed thr bigger platform the protests provided.

  18. I believe Quinn is right that in saying the message got lost. But, that’s the problem with choosing that manner of protest. They picked a symbol that has a lot of deep meaning to people to use as a protest vehicle. It shouldn’t be surprising to the players that people focused more on that symbol and associated the protest with the symbol than the message which is indirectly related at most.

    I am sure they feel conviction in their hearts at keeping this going because THEY know what they are doing and why they are doing it, which are for good causes and reasons in their eyes. But the people mad on the other side just seeing the flag get disrespected are going to keep getting alienated by this, and even if they agree with their stance, they will probably still dislike the players for picking something sacred (to them) as a protest vehicle.

  19. It certainly is disrespecting the flag and all those that wore/wear the uniform protecting our brilliant banner. First time I saw the kneeling I was disgusted. There are other ways and platforms to get the same message across. Maybe they should use some of that bonus money to spread the word of peace and harmony. They did not think past their own selflessness before following someone else and realize they were hurting others in a message that should have been positive. Most of us are not televised nationally making seven figure salaries annually, so these role models need to be smarter in the decision they make as there is a ripple effect. I do not claim to be perfect, but you need to think at least five steps ahead and ask the question if I say or do something, what will the outcome be.

  20. If it’s that bad here…. leave. Our country allows people to get out of here if that’s there choice.

  21. my problem with the protests is the way it started. Colin didn’t take a knee until he was benched. He was benched because he stopped being good and another quarterback played better. then all of a sudden it was called a protest. the fact remains in my mind and in a lot of other peoples mind, is that Colin was benched before the protest.

  22. Its hard to watch Quinn try to define what the word distraction means. His protesting had nothing to do with football which btw was what everyone else in the stadium was there for so I’d have to say yes Mr. Quinn its a distraction.

  23. I watch my favorite team’s game each week and that’s it due to the kneeling.

    I used to watch pregame shows, play fantasy football, and watch early, late, and night games.

    Just one fan’s choice. I’m sure there are others like me.

  24. Had they not protested during the Anthem, more people would hear the message. When you act like an immature SJW, no one will care about your message/cause. Plus, the Anthem protests have done nothing to cut down on police brutality.

  25. “it was to bring awareness to a situation that constantly gets thrown under the rug”

    What then? Maybe start your next “movement” based on some actual ideas instead of vague complaints.

  26. I call BS. People protest when they want to make everyone stop and pay attention to them. That is the definition of being a distraction.

  27. One thing my dad always taught me is, go ahead and do what you want to do, but always think about the consequences of what could happen if you do them. It all sounds like fun and games and its going to be great, but…what are the positive and negative consequences of your actions. Once you know those, you have to live with the decision.

  28. Lemme see ,, which would I take ,, my millions for the year ? or something I am really not going to waiver over,, Okay , I’l waiver , but just this one time,, !!

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