Tre Boston: Once you sign, you put other contract hopes aside

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Safety Tre Boston lingered on the free agent market last summer looking for bigger and longer deals before signing a one-year contract with the Cardinals that paid him $1.5 million.

Boston will make more money this year, but 2019 played out pretty much the same way. Boston agreed to a one-year, $3 million deal with the Panthers and joined his new team at practice on Thursday.

Boston was frustrated by the way things went in 2018 and he aired his grievances with the process more than once this year, but he said that’s not going to be on his mind now that he’s returned to the team that drafted him in the fourth round in 2014.

“Once you sign you just have to put it to the side,” Boston said, via the team’s website. “For me, it’s all about honing in and having fun again. Kind of have to let that go. Coming back here was easy for me. I wanted to find a good contract. I fit in this system. It’s all about being on the right page with what I’m worth and what these guys are asking of me.”

Boston said the Panthers told him he was the missing piece to a unit the safety thinks can be “something special” this year. That might not be enough for Boston to land the kind of contract that’s eluded him the last few years, but it would make the wait to sign feel a little less frustrating in hindsight.

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  1. If he plays the way he has with the Cardinals and Chargers the last few years, Boston should get a longer contract. Carolina needs a deep safety, which is exactly what Boston is now, and he’s still 27. Boston is versatile enough to play in the box, too, and has double digit pass breakups and interceptions the last two seasons. So, yeah, as I said in the other thread when they signed him, the Panthers absolutely need this type of play in their secondary, especially given Eric Reid’s lack of range and their corners’ relative inexperience. Bradberry was a good 4-3 zone corner who tackles well, but the new 3-4 scheme will use a lot of man and it will help to have a rangey safety over the top to help him. Jackson is fast but is still on his rookie deal, and some experience will help him over the top.

    Overall this is a great signing as it stands. Unless Boston bombs it this year or gets hurt, he should get an extension that allow Carolina to move on from Eric Reid and draft a younger replacement to complement Boston as he nears age thirty.

  2. Tre Boston is garbage. Is he better than Colin Jones? Of course; who isn’t? But people acting like he’s the final piece that will make this D shine or something are being silly. He was cut before his rookie deal was up and is now working on his third-straight 1-year contract – 2 of which are with former coaches/staffs. That says a lot about how he is as a player. I remember the terrible tackling and the bites; I remember the consistent being out of position. I don’t hate the signing for the cap space and the fact that Buster Jones is still back there at FS, but this isn’t a “great” signing by any reasonable yardstick.

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