Trent Williams unfazed by Washington’s threat of fines

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Leave it to Washington to find a way to make a bad situation with a player worse.

Instead of mending fences with left tackle (and team captain) Trent Williams or trying to trade him, Washington reportedly hopes that mounting fines, at $40,000 per day, eventually will get Williams to cave. Per a league source, it won’t work.

“Williams doesn’t care,” the source said. Williams believes (perhaps correctly) that the team will never be able to collect the fines if Williams never plays for them again, since there will be no game checks from which they can withold the fines.

Washington can pursue $1.62 million from Williams, which is the amount of unearned signing bonus remaining on his current contract. If/when Washington trades him, Washington will lose the ability to recover the bonus amounts.

Williams continues to want a trade. He continues to want nothing to do with playing for Washington. And he continues to believe that the team’s training and medical staff mishandled the growth/tumor that was removed from Williams’ head earlier this year.

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  1. He needs to get his butt in camp. If I see him then I’ll say it to his face. Doesn’t matter how tough he thinks he is

  2. He’s a rare common a passing league. Listening to his agent who know that someone, possibly a winner will pay him. To leave WDC after you’re already rich but not wealthy may be worth it to him.

  3. Williams apparently claims the Redskins ignored a lump on his head and told him he was fine and to play through it. 2nd opinion said it was a tumor. That’s going to fracture trust.

    Are you going back to that doctor who said it was nothing?

  4. I’m looking for the threat here. He’s not there. So he’s losing money daily for not being there. Both sides knew this.

    I get the sense Washington will let him stay home rather than give the opening to other players who want a trade or paybump mid-contract the “go for it”. He’s been a beast when healthy and not suspended. Played through pain. Not speaking up isn’t helping right now.

  5. Snyder and Allen have done it again. Over 40 employees quit the ‘Skins from the business side this year because they couldn’t stand working for these two prima-donnas. Snyder has managed to blow through the legendary 200K waiting list and is now facing empty seats at FedEx Field, which has the worst field in the league by the way. Our only hope (and it is an extremely thin one) is that the league forces Snyder to sell under the “you are such a schmuck that we can’t even stand you” rule.

  6. The Williams holdout coincides with a mass exodus of Redskins employees from the business department on account of the organization’s culture. What a mess. But I guess Danny has his yacht and Bruce as his lap-dog so don’t look for anything to change soon.

  7. At this point, the cap relief is of little use because all that is basically left are league minimum free agents. I hope they let him sit out the whole year.

  8. The Redskins have won more Super Bowls than a lot of other franchises, give them their props, just been in a dry spell, they will turn it around. Nobody would have ever thought the Browns would have become as good as they are now. The Redskins are easily a better team than the Giants are right now.

  9. This is one of the few cases where I feel he is %100 right. When you’re a billion dollar organization and you misdiagnose someone that just shows me something. People get upset when players go and train on there own or see there own doctors. This is one of the reasons why. The teams incompetence almost cost him his career. Yeh anyone on this thread would want out as well. Can’t put a price on your safety.

  10. Being a Redskins fan is hard. We can’t help it, we were born that way. It was hard in the 60’s got fun in 72, then real fun in the 80’s, but ever since Superbowl 26 they have been either a tease or a disappointment. Dan Snyder has made the team a joke. Gonna miss Trent Williams.

  11. Read today’s article in WaPo. This is a contract issue, nothing more. Williams wants more money.

    He’s an injury-prone, aging offensive lineman. Let him sit.

  12. This reminds me of the plot of the movie Major League where the owner was trying to kill attendance to the point they could get out of their lease and move the team.

    I could be GM of the Redskins and honestly consider myself and improvement if i don’t make a PR disaster every week.

    Trade him to Houston for one of the tackles they drafted in the first two rounds and a 2020 second round pick and move on. It’s not that hard.

  13. mcconne77 says:
    August 2, 2019 at 9:28 am
    Why doesn’t Trent speak for himself? Why does he let “a league source” or teammates do his talking? Not much of a team leader.
    Because maybe he wants to handle this in private? Shocking I know in this age of social media.

    And he doesn’t let a league source or teammates do his talking. These are grown men not children. They can talk or not talk without permission of someone else.

  14. He’s a great player in the half dozen games or so a year when he’s healthy or not suspended. Trade him while he’s still worth something. The Skins aren’t going anywhere anyway, other than beating up on the Giants. Another 3rd place NFC East division finish on the way unless the… er… cough cough… two new BUCKEYES can do as well in the NFL as they did in the B1G…. One can only hope if you’re a Skins fan….

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