Vic Fangio dealing with kidney stone ahead of Hall of Fame Game

Getty Images

Vic Fangio is set to make his Broncos debut in Thursday night’s Hall of Fame Game, but a kidney stone may block that from happening.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Broncos head coach spent a good part of the day in a Cleveland hospital because of a stone. Fangio has not passed the stone yet, but Schefter reports that his condition has improved over the course of the day and that Fangio is going to try to coach against the Falcons in Thursday night’s preseason opener.

As anyone who has experienced the pain associated with kidney stones knows, there’s no good time for one to show up. The timing of this one is particularly bad. Fangio has spent the last 40 years coaching football at one level or another, but, exhibition or not, this is the first time he was ever going to run the whole show.

If Fangio can’t make it to the sideline on Thursday night, he’ll have a week until the Broncos are back on the field.