Hall of Fame’s special Centennial Class approved for 2020

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Board of Trustees approved a special Centennial Class for 2020. That means the Class of 2020 could include 20 members.

The class could include as many as five modern-era players as well as 10 seniors — players retired for more than 25 seasons — three contributors and two coaches.

“You can imagine with 100 years of history behind us, there’s a belief among most of our selectors that there are so many deserving seniors that might have fallen between the cracks, or people don’t remember their history, that we can go back and look at and assess and examine again,” Hall of Fame president David Baker said Friday. “. . .We think it’s going to be very, very exciting.”

A special “blue-ribbon” panel of 25 people will select the ballot for the seniors, coaches and contributors at an in-person meeting in late December or early January after a reduction mail-in vote. The committee will include some of the 48 selectors, Hall of Famers and historians.

All 48 selectors will consider the 10 seniors, three contributors and two coaches in one singular unit on Selection Saturday. In other words, it’s an up or down vote for all 15 of those candidates.

The modern-era candidates will go through the traditional process of selection, with each one voted on individually.

The Centennial slate must receive a minimum positive vote of 80 percent to earn election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as must each modern-era finalist.

Baker will choose who and how many inductees are enshrined at the annual Enshrinement Ceremony the first weekend of August and who and how many are enshrined at a special Centennial Celebration in Canton in September 2020.

“This is an opportunity to catch up on perhaps some injustices,” Baker said. “We can’t have everybody in there that fans want, and I assure you that I get that mail and I get those phone calls. . . .It’s not the hall of very, very good. It’s the Hall of Fame, and it should be hard to make it into. But we think this is an opportunity that comes around every other lifetime — once in a 100 years — and we should celebrate the 100 years that this league has started here in Canton, Ohio, and has become a part of the fabric of America and the next 100 years, where can you imagine the things that are going to happen there.”

49 responses to “Hall of Fame’s special Centennial Class approved for 2020

  1. There are already guys getting what shouldn’t. Football has gotten so watered down because of their quota of guys that have to get in…..

  2. I’ll just pick to the two most obvious omissions.

    Don Coryell – Complete joke Dungy is in and the guy who opened up the game is not.

    Kenny Anderson – most under rated QB of all time (Bert Jones was better but injuries…).


    WR- Quite a few in modern area.

  3. @Niels Skriver – Ed Reed is about to go into the Hall. Polamalu hasn’t been out 5 years yet.

    Mike Shanahan, Marty Schottenheimer. Tom Flores & Don Coryell for me.

  4. Tom Flores, Cliff Branch, Lester Hayes,Steve Wisniewski, Joe Klecco, Ken Riley, Bob Kutchenberg,Don Coryell,Drew Pearson, L.C.Greenwood,Roger Craig,Randy Gradishar all very deserving. Absolutely no way for Steve Tasker.

  5. shihtzumum says:

    August 2, 2019 at 5:08 pm

    @Niels Skriver – Ed Reed is about to go into the Hall. Polamalu hasn’t been out 5 years yet.


    Actually Polamalu does become a 1st year eligible next year as he retired in 2015.

  6. Jim Marshall should be in the top 5 on this list! A defensive end who played for 20 years on a legendary defense, record for most fumbles recovered,opponents. fumbles recovered, most consecutive games and seasons by a defensive player, and STILL isn’t in the HOF! A travesty!

  7. Forget Tagliabue. How about Jimmy Johnson, Tom Flores, Mike Holmgren and Karl Mecklenberg?

  8. Henry Ellard – When Ellard retired in the 1990’s he was #3 all time in receiving yards. Dominate receiver of the 80’s and early 90’s only after starting his career as a special teams kick off returner. Ellard along with Erik Dickerson are along with Brees and Tomlinson the only pair of 1st and 2nd round draft picks in same draft that are in top 15 in yards for their drafted position.

    Cliff Branch – a dominate receiver in the 70’s and early 80’s. Better than Swan, as good or better than Stallworth. 3 Super Bowl rings.

  9. I agree with fishfan77… too watered down. Seems like everyone gets in.
    Make it like baseball, MAKE IT SPECIAL !!

  10. Sorry but the only way Tom Flores and Marty Shottenheimer belong is if it is renamed the “Hall of Very Good”. No way they deserve “Hall of Fame” consideration.

  11. Jimbo Covert is another who should be in the Hall. Never understood why he isn’t.

  12. The two Ken’s, Anderson and Riley. Two top ten players at their position unfortunately they played in Cincy and Cincy doesn’t get any love.

  13. Bruce and maybe Holt both make it in. Then the Rams honor the Greatest Show on Turf at one of their games in their new Greatest Stadium on the Planet. Man, this post is gonna get LOTS of downward pointing thumbs.

  14. It’s way past the time Ottis Anderson was voted in. Rookie of the year, over 10,000 yards rushing (made when the rules weren’t so pro offense), Superbowl MVP, great all around person, and more. This is an Injustice by the damn voters who obviously know nothing about the history of the game, it don’t care. They abused Harry Carson and Jerry Kramer with their obliviousness, and they’re doing the same to Ottis. And it’s high past the time they fixed this Injustice. And out Don Coryell in too. Wake up!

  15. chrisg5988 says:
    August 3, 2019 at 8:48 am
    The fact that Zach Thomas isnt in the HOF yet is a travesty


    Agreed Zach’s numbers are almost identical to Brian Urlacher’s and Brian was a 1st ballot HOFer

  16. JIM MARSHALL. Nobody ran the wrong way for a touchdown better than him too!

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