Jon Gruden: We want to get the party started with Antonio Brown


Hard Knocks cameras are rolling at Raiders training camp, but they didn’t get any on-field footage from wide receiver Antonio Brown on Thursday or Friday.

Brown’s been out of practice the last two days. That comes shortly after Brown opened camp on the non-football injury list and a few days after he was activated from that list.

There wasn’t much practice time between Brown’s activation and his current absence from the field, so Brown’s camp hasn’t gotten to full speed yet. Head coach Jon Gruden is looking forward to seeing that change.

“I think we’re all disappointed,” Gruden said, via Lindsay Jones of “We want to get the party started.”

The team hasn’t disclosed the reason for Brown’s absence, but Jones notes that Brown shared a picture of his blistered feet on social media a few days ago and that the team hoped he’d be back for at least limited work this week.

There’s a lot of time for the Raiders to party before the 2019 season comes to an end and it would be far more disappointing to start the bash only to see it end early because Brown has to miss time in the regular season. If this absence makes that unlikelier, it should wind up being worth it for the Raiders.

12 responses to “Jon Gruden: We want to get the party started with Antonio Brown

  1. Coach, the problem is NOT getting the party STARTED with Brown, it’s trying to STOP the party when he becomes a malcontent to the team. You will see sir, you will see. This is going to be absolutely delicious watching the implosion this year! Cheers!

  2. I was against the Randy Moss trade in 2005 and the football world saw what a disaster that turned out to be for the Raiders.

    I think that the trade for Antonio Brown (who is also a disruptive player) will turn out for the Raiders to be similar to the Moss fiasco.

  3. He posted a disgusting picture of his feet with blistered skin and shedding skin from practicing. But leave it to salty Steelers fans to ignore that and take this as some kind of proof they didn’t didn’t get taken to the cleaners by the Raiders on that trade.

  4. LOL

    Couldn’t happen to a better team!

    All on TV for people to watch.

    LMAO !!!

  5. This week he’s holding out for Michael Thomas money. Next week it’ll be for Julio Jones money.

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