Kyler Murray on expectations: “I don’t feel pressure”


There’s obviously pressure on Kyler Murray, and there has been since he decided to be a football player and became the No. 1 overall pick.

But for his part, he doesn’t accept it.

I don’t feel pressure,” the Cardinals quarterback said, via Josh Weinfuss of

That doesn’t mean there won’t be any, as he adjusts to a different game. He admitted that part of what’s helping his transition is not having to worry about anything other than getting better at ball.

“It’s been fun,” Murray said. “It’s a little different. Schedule’s a little easier just because this is what we love to do. This is what I love to do, so for me, it’s easy to just wake up and play football and worry about football.”

But for his happy-go-lucky attitude (and perhaps sheer denial), he is aware of the expectations on him in Arizona, which is why the singular focus on the sport makes life easier.

“I got to go out and play well,” Murray said. “And if I don’t, then people are gonna be mad, I’m gonna be mad, everybody’s gonna be mad. So, my focus is play well.”

There you go. No pressure, kid. Now just go fix one of the worst franchises in the NFL.

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  1. “everybody’s gonna be mad”? Beware kid, up until now you’ve been very lucky as much as very talented, and both protected and enabled in life. But when real life hits, it hits very hard.

  2. There’s a certain degree to which criticism is helpful. Kyler Murray has given many indications that he prefers to just assume that it can’t be.

  3. There’s a certain degree to which criticism is helpful. Kyler Murray has given many indications that he prefers to just assume that it can’t be.

  4. His talents will win out in the end, I’m not worried either as long as that OL protects him he and the Cards will be fine. I think he will be really good and as long as the media is not expecting Patrick Mahomes #’s right away he will develop naturally before our eyes. Or worse case he’s bagging groceries for you at end of his contract.

  5. Not sure why a positive attitude is a bad thing. The only criticism I’ve seen are people who complain about his height (ignores Brees, Wilson, Flutie), people who say the coach had a losing record in college (the coach’s offenses were top 10 every year in college and was hired to be an offensive specialist), and that the offensive line is subpar (the improved playcalling and scheme should lessen that, as can the improvements to the line). The same critics offer no solutions, so why should he listen to them?

    Cardinals will start out 6-5 before running into the final tough five-game slate. I think 7-9 or 8-8 is most likely. A huge step up from last year.

    After this year, the Cards drafts defense and O-line, and the Cards are back in contention.

  6. He shouldn’t feel pressure because if he has any doubt about a pass play he can just tuck it and run for chunks of yardage. He’s a running qb with a good arm. I expect him to make some outstanding plays and be exactly what Arizona drafted him to be. They just need to be razor focused on building an offense around him…most importantly in front of him with an overhaul of that putrid line. I think Keim and Kingsbury just hitched onto a rising star. Put a line in front of him and this kid will ball out. Gotta keep him healthy though. It won’t happen this year but next year Cardinals might be hunting a playoff spot.

  7. My prediction cards do the unthinkable and 12-4 fitz breaks all his playoff records on the way to the Superbowl all in one year after going 3-13…trust me im a fan!!!

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