Lamar Jackson doesn’t think he’ll run as much this year


Ravens coach John Harbaugh suggested this week that quarterback Lamar Jackson was going to continue to run, perhaps more than last year.

Jackson himself doesn’t seem sure about that.

Via Jamison Hensley of, Jackson said during an interview on The Rich Eisen Show that he thinks he will carry it less this season.

Asked if he could sustain the physical toll of the 147 rushing attempts he put up last year (a single-season NFL record), Jackson said it was possible, if not likely.

“Absolutely. I’ve put on weight,” Jackson said. “But I don’t think I’ll be running as much as I did last year. There were a lot of [run-pass options] and a lot of sudden changes in last year’s game. This will be totally different.”

Earlier this week, Harbaugh said of Jackson, in reference to Cam Newton‘s career-high 139 rushing attempts in a single season: “I’d bet the over on that one. I’d bet the over for sure on that one.”

Technically, anywhere between 140 and 146 would satisfy both requirements, but it’s hard to imagine Harbaugh has made such a precise estimate. Jackson averaged 17 carries per game in his seven starts last year, and extrapolating that over 16 games would be more than most running backs.

And perhaps an amount Jackson isn’t necessarily interested in.

15 responses to “Lamar Jackson doesn’t think he’ll run as much this year

  1. He wont run as much and itll be a shame.
    Happens way too often in the NFL. They always try to take a mobile QB and change them as soon as they have any amount of success as the mobile QB they are.

    I’d rather have what makes a guy special, possibly for a shorter timeframe, than dumb the guy down, make him less of a player but hey, you might have lower production for a longer timeframe

  2. Hopefully he can improve his passing game, if so, he can run less and get more yards per carry when he does take off. If the defense has to respect his passing abilities just a bit, and then a play breaks down and there is nothing but green ahead, he can start ripping off those big 50 yard runs like Michael Vick used to.

  3. And maybe, just maybe, Harbaugh is not announcing his actual plans to the media ahead of the season.

  4. We’ll see what happens when the d-linemen and blitzing LBs, safeties, and CBs start swarming, and he has to choose between relying on that arm or darting for 15 yards through that huge hole right in front of him.

  5. Keep ’em guessing Lamar, Defenses will be gasping by Halftime!
    Bring the Haters, just saying…

  6. Fact is after a year in the NFL the D’s have a lot of game tape to work with on a running QB so it’s harder for a QB to run the ball after the first year, that’s why so many teams insist on the QB not running as much. Just look at what the Chargers did to Lamar in the playoffs, they basically shut down him running and forced him to throw, well teams will do the same thing forefold this season. Or remember Tebow and how that Tebow left, Tebow right, Tebow up the middle worked for about 8 games and then he wasn’t successful because teams figured him out and game planned for it. The thing is these running QBs are one trick ponies and if they don’t learn to throw they won’t last long at this level.

    So if you like running QBs stick with watching college football because 99% of the time those running QBs won’t last long in the NFL!

  7. dartmouthstevens says:
    August 2, 2019 at 12:05 pm
    I hope he is the next Michael Vick. Vick in Atlanta brought an electricity to the game. He was fun to watch. People compare him to Cam. I see him an Vick 2.0

    The only difference is Vick and Newton have/had good arms and are/were fairly accurate. Jackson is/has neither.

  8. The Ravens have an entirely new offensive scheme this year. New OC, new playbook, new receivers etc. Last year they limited Lamar. Only time will tell what will happen this year. All you haters are acting like he hasn’t done anything to improve his game and will be the exact same player. Keeping thinking like that.

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