Roethlisberger is happy that Steelers’ offense isn’t changing

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With a rash of new offenses sweeping the league, the Pittsburgh Steelers are staying the course.

“We’re going to be the same, boring old Steelers,” quarterback Ben Roethlisberger told John Kryk of the Toronto Sun on Thursday. “There’s something to be said about not making big changes, and just getting better at what you already know.”

Within what the Steelers already know, there are plenty of unknowns. This will the first year without either Antonio Brown or Le'Veon Bell on the team since 2009, and it remains to be seen how defenses will approach the Pittsburgh offense.

Presumably, they’ll try to take away 2018 team MVP and new No. 1 receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster with two or more defenders. Can JuJu beat double coverage? If not, his numbers will reflect that.

Then comes the question of whether the running backs will draw a safety toward the line of scrimmage, like Bell did. James Conner thrived last year, in an offense that had Brown. If Conner, who now enters his third season, can find another gear to his game, the focus on Smith-Schuster could shift to Conner.

Ultimately, the goal will be for Smith-Schuster and Conner to become the new Brown and Bell. Along the way, other players will need to step up to take advantage of favorable matchups, whether that’s receiver Donte Moncrief, receiver James Washington, receiver Diontae Johnson, receiver Ryan Switzer, or tight end Vance McDonald.

Still, Roethlisberger remains at the center of it all, and it’s quite possible that Roethlisberger is the real reason for the team’s success on offense, with his decisions and throws ultimately providing the impetus for moving the chains, scoring points, and winning games.

9 responses to “Roethlisberger is happy that Steelers’ offense isn’t changing

  1. Wonder which boring old Steelers he is referring to. The ones that don’t make the playoffs or the ones that become the league drama queens?

  2. This will get ugly fast. Ben being honest is sure to fuel the click baiting trolls of hate. Ben is going to have a great year spreading the ball around…just watch.

  3. This will the first year without either Antonio Brown or Le’Veon Bell on the team since 2009. Actually, Bell was a hold out all of last season so the Steelers already know what and who they have to replace him.

  4. That divison should be a good one to watch – should be competitive with 3 teams capable of winning the division.

  5. Anytime you have Big Ben your going to be fine and put up points. There is a reason why he’s won 2 superbowls and has never had a losing season. Him and the offensive line make the offense click.

  6. Single variable equation … Special teams gets better or they are out of the dance again in 2019. Boswell went from pro bowl to dead last in kicking missing 7 field goals and 6 extra points. The Special Teams unit lead the league with 1.7 penalties per game.

    Fix that and they are in the playoffs. If not, none of this other stuff will.matter.

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