Antonio Brown will see a foot specialist

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The Raiders are literally experiencing some Hard Knocks.

Receiver Antonio Brown has missed practice for multiple days with a foot injury. Vic Tafur of has reported, and PFT has confirmed, that Brown will see a specialist.

I think we’re all disappointed,” coach Jon Gruden said Friday regarding Brown’s absence from practice. “We want to get the party started.”

The Raiders traded for the former Steelers standout, who had grown disgruntled in Pittsburgh — and who was welcomed to Oakland with a significant pay raise.

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  1. LoL….it’s called “Instant Karma”….either that or he’s just dogging it now. Either way, he is no longer the Steelers problem…Buh Bye!!!!!!!

  2. He just have hurt it getting out of the hot air balloon. Fitting, AB arriving in something full of hot air….that’s what you call a double entendre.

  3. I guess its better to get this out of the way early in the year.

    But it looks like a soap opera in the making.

  4. Happened when he kicked in the screen of the TV when he heard about the new deals for WRs that fly way past his.

    Oakland, the troubles are just kicking in.

  5. AB blisters’ looked like 3rd degree burns. Don’t know how a dude walks much less play wide receiver with such a radical injury to his feet.

    Gruden wasn’t complaining when shown all the intense pre-training camp videos of this guy who was working himself to death.

  6. Norseman says:
    August 3, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    Mayock and Gruden have been taking some big risks.


    Make no mistake, Gruden engineers EVERY Raiders personnel move (draft, FA, trades). Mayock is the GM in name only. Although Mayock will no doubt be the fall-guy when the Antonio Brown acquisition winds up like the 2005 Moss trade.

  7. Anyone who compares trading away a starting LB and a 1st round draft pick to a 3rd and a 5th is seriously insane.

  8. Anyone who cannot make the analogy between disruptive team cancers (Randy Moss & Antonio Brown) at the WR position is seriously delusional.

  9. I’m a Patriots fan and it was addition by subtraction when the Steelers rid themselves of this clown.

  10. The 21 million is dead money against the salary cap. It doesn’t get paid to anyone it’s just less money available to spend.

  11. This is an example why Julio Jones at 32 when is contract is up shouldn’t be getting a 100 million dollar extension

  12. torgow says:
    August 3, 2019 at 5:26 pm
    He’s getting $21 million this year… from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Just throwing that out there.

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    No he’s not. The Steelers have a cap hit of over $21 million for Brown based on pro-rated signing bonus that they paid him when they signed him. It’s a cap penalty, but they’re not giving him any actual money.

    But let’s flip this around, the Steelers are taking a cap hit of $21 million for Brown because they’d rather do that than put up with him any longer.

  13. torgow says:
    August 3, 2019 at 5:26 pm
    He’s getting $21 million this year… from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Just throwing that out there.

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    That 21 million is from bonuses he has already been paid by the Steelers. It’s dead money towards the cap. The Steelers aren’t paying him one penny this year.

  14. The steelers aren’t paying Brown 21 mil THIS year, but they paid 21 mil to a guy that’s not on the team anymore. 21 mil in cash that they can’t pay anyone else. They have about 5 mil in cap room. About the minimum you need going into the season. If they need an extra piece, they can’t do it.

  15. It’s blisters, relax.

    It is not considered any type of long-term injury for Antonio Brown, per source.
    — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) August 3, 2019

  16. Gotta love football fans from other teams…If it was your team you would be saying Training camp doesn’t matter, I don’t want this guy to get hurt, sit this guy out, we need this guy in September not August,…….

    well it’s my team and I’m saying I don’t want to see Brown until season starts…and really only want to see him on Sundays. He can stay home other 6 days of week but do your thing for 3 hours on Sunday AB….

  17. So he’s seeing a podiatrist? Or a witch doctor who is afoot specialist? You decide.

  18. Owners can’t avoid the temptation of hiring HEAD CASES for guaranteed big money. Stupid!

  19. I wonder if most of these commenters even or ever watch the game. Antonio Brown is the top receiver in the game. Who cares if he screws around in the preseason. He will again be the best in the league and make Carr look like a real QB again. What’s to complain about?

  20. As a steeler fan, Antonio most likely just wants to skip the Hard Knocks. He’s afraid of how that might all go down. He will be fine when it comes time to play ball. He has some psychological issues but he will play well.

  21. I prefer “Mrs Big Chest” myself. But it’s 2019. So it’s totally cool to be Mr Big Chest now

  22. Brown is NOT a cash in player. He was underpaid in Pittsburgh for yrs. He might be a pain but he puts up the numbers every year.

  23. Antonio Brown will see a foot specialist…
    I truly think he needs a brain specialist!
    Just my opinion…..

  24. It might be time for life after football for AB. I hear the circus is always looking for clowns!

  25. Oh man! Sure hope he can still make a birthday video for my girlfriend for $500 from a hot tub while soaking his poor feet.

  26. He developed blisters running away from his responsibilities. $$ Paying Trainers, Throwing Furniture, Abandoning His Team Last Game of the Season. #NOCHARACTER

  27. Even if his feet heal completely, he will no longer be able to perform in cold weather games. Listen to me now and believe me later.

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