Geno Smith: I’m a starter, I just need another opportunity


In Seattle, Geno Smith and Paxton Lynch are in a competition. The winner gets not a Water Pik but a job as Russell Wilson‘s understudy. The loser gets fired.

Smith wants neither. In his mind, the 2013 second-round pick of the Jets remains an NFL-caliber starting quarterback.

“I got a lot of confidence in myself,” Smith told reporters on Friday. “I know that I can do a lot of things on the field, I believe that I am a starter, I just need another opportunity.”

The looming preseason games will likely go a very long way toward determining whether Smith, who has 31 career starts, will secure the ability to be the backup to Wilson, or whether that job will go to the 2016 first-round pick in Denver who has found that Seattle has a much better feel.

“It feels closer, it feels like a family,” Lynch told reporters on Friday. “I bring my fianceé out here, I bring my dad out here and they even say it too, they feel so much more welcome around everybody. They’re so good to them, they treat them so good, they treat the players good so, it feels good, it feels like you’re a part of the family. It feels like everybody’s close.”

It won’t feel that way in four weeks, when the roster drops from 90 to 53 and presumably drops Smith or Lynch. Given the XFL’s plans to target third-string quarterbacks who are cut from NFL teams before Week One (and XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck’s admission that they are specifically watching the Smith-Lynch battle), the Seahawks could decide to keep both, especially if the competition is close. For both, however, the XFL may be the only opportunity to ever be dubbed a starter again.

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  1. It is absolutely hilarious Geno Smith thinks he is a starting QB! This is the same guy who thinks he should have been the #1 pick in the 2013 draft. Talk about disillusions of grandeur!

  2. I’m guessing Geno either never watched film of himself or he’s all about excuses.

  3. Yes I imagine they do treat Lynch better. Minimum salary 3rd stringers have no expectations and little investment. First round busts generate resentment. It’s not complicated. That said I bet he beats out Geno. You don’t want a backup with that mindset. Nor a guy who is such an a-hole his own teammates want to break his jaw.

  4. Opportunity does matter. For example, I recently did some research on strong armed quarterbacks and wondered about their stats when I read the PFT story about a coach not being satisfied with Josh Allen’s accuracy. I looked up the stats of Terry Bradshaw and Steve Grogan, and both have similar completion percentages as Allen. They both completed about 52% of their passes for their career.

    Terry Bradshaw won 4 Super Bowls and he is in the Hall of Fame, but his stats are mediocre at best. He has almost as many interceptions as he has touchdowns for his career, even though he has 2 hall of fame wide recievers (Lynn Swann and John Stallworth) to throw the ball to. So who knows what would have happened if Terry Bradshaw was put in the same position as Geno Smith. Who knows, may be Geno Smith could have won the SB for Seattle if he had the opportunity Russell Wilson had in 2013.

  5. Speaking of opportunity, Geno Smith has had more opportunities than Tim Tebow or Colin Kaepernick. Both Tebow and Kap have won at least one game in the NFL playoffs but they are both shunned by NFL teams. Guys like Geno Smith and Blaine Gabbert are still in the NFL even though they have never quarterbacked their teams to the playoffs.

  6. If you’re 7 years into your career and still trying to convince people of this, it’s probably not true.

  7. I remember the first time I saw a picture on him on the net or wherever, and I thought, this guy reminds me of Travaris Jackson. I hope for Geno’s sake he isnt like TJ, cant read a defense to save his life.
    Ya I was right: run pass scramble and toss picks. Repeat.
    This guy couldnt start a high school team

  8. He is as delusional now as he was when he thought he would be a first round pick and instead sat in the green room, had a tantrum and was then bribed by the Jets to show up the next day.

  9. I hate it when my morning coffee shoots out of my nose. It hurts and it will be all I can smell for the next hour.

  10. Can’t believe Seattle is going with either Smith or Lynch as possible backups.The Oakland A’s just signed a kid off the street with a 96 mph fastball…Seattle may want to try and get him instead.

  11. There aren’t many QB’s that can miss a receiver who’s 5 yards away by 5 yards, but Geno can.

    Josh Allen too.

  12. joetoronto says:
    August 3, 2019 at 1:18 pm
    There aren’t many QB’s that can miss a receiver who’s 5 yards away by 5 yards, but Geno can.

    Josh Allen too.


    You can add Derek Carr to that list as well

  13. Every backup should want to be the starter. No one player should be satisfied to be a backup. That being said, it is a mindset and not something you readily think about or Ever mention to the press. Keep it simple.

  14. Funny thing was the last guy the Seahawks considered as a possible back-up who had a similar sentiment was Kaepernick. I think Seattle was one of the franchises that might have put up with his added drama as Carrol has shown a willingness to do that in the past. However, Captain Compete seems reluctant to let Wilson feel even the slightest insecurity in his starting role.

  15. The only position Geno Smith should be competing for is water boy.

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