Looking at the NFL’s most memorable preseason moments

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Most moments of every preseason are forgettable. But some have been memorable, no matter few or how far between they may be.

Friday’s PFT Live included a draft of the most memorable preseason moments in league history. Surprisingly, there were enough to fill out a three-round, six-selection process.

For the full list of all picks along with some explanations and disagreements on some of the moments, check out the attached video.

6 responses to “Looking at the NFL’s most memorable preseason moments

  1. Not going to bother with the video (nothing new for me) because every single memory I can think of involving pre-season was a catastrophic injury. It’s like ranking the greatest practice plays in history.

  2. 2017 Cleveland Browns, 4-0 in the preseason, 0-16 regular season. Obviously the preseason doesn’t matter – and I don’t pay attention to it anymore.

  3. I remember T.Os first game as an eagle I think vs ravens. First play of the game wad like a 70 or 80 yard bomb for a TD. Great start to a big year for them.

  4. browns and lions both had 4-0 preseasons when they each went 0-16. preseason is a shtshow. thats why the preseason doesnt matter.

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